Today Show: Eva Longoria Executive Producer of Ready For Love Premiere


Today Show: Eva Longoria Ready For Love Premiere

Eva Longoria is stepping behind the scenes as the executive producer of the new reality dating show, Ready For Love, and she can not wait for the season to premiere. She told the Today Show it has been a year full of anticipation for this show. She announced the show last year on the Today Show, along with the three men involved on the show, and since then she said they have been filming so much but the reality show is finally ready to air.

“I am busting at the seams,” Longoria said.


Today Show: Eva Longoria Executive Producer of Ready For Love Premiere

The Today Show talked with Eva Longoria about her new show Ready For Love, and they met the three guys looking for love with the help of the matchmakers. (Jaguar PS /

Today Show: Ready For Love Sets Itself Apart With Matchmakers

Longoria said the big difference between Ready For Love and other reality dating shows is the idea of matchmakers. Ready For Love will feature three matchmakers who help everyone, from the men to the women to the audience, learn the ins and outs of dating. The matchmakers also keep out all the women who are just looking to be reality stars and found women who are really looking for love.

The Today Show brought out all three contestants from the show, Ben Patton, Tim Lopez and Ernesto Arguello, to give America a sneak peak at what everyone can expect from the new show. All of them said it was difficult to find the perfect match. During one part of the show they even had to eliminate one girl simply based on her voice and the answers she gives to their questions.


But why go through such challenges as not even meeting a woman and then eliminating her because of her answers? Why would these three handsome and successful men want to put their love lives out there for the public to see?

Today Show: Ready For Love Premiere

Arguello told the Today Show he chose to be on the show because he is looking for love. He has put his heart in the hands of the matchmakers. It is irrelevant to him how he finds love, whether it be in a bar or at his office or on a TV show, Arguello said he just wants to find the one woman for him. He said the matchmakers help everyone on the show find their match. They help the women figure out what the men are thinking, they coach the men on how to meet the right woman and they do it all so the audience can follow along as well and take the tips to use in their own love lives.

Patton was quick to point out that none of them found their match in just one episode. He said it takes time but the matchmakers are there to help speed up the process.

Finding love may be the most difficult for Tim Lopez, a musician in the Plain White T’s, who has female fans everywhere. He said the matchmakers made it easier for him to see through the woman to find out if they are just fans or whether they truly want to be with him.


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