Today Show: Erasing Death Review & Are Near Death Experiences Real?


Today Show: Don Piper Near Death Experience

What happens when we die? It has been a question asked since the beginning of time, a question that we still don’t have an answer to depending on who you talk with. For some though, they know what happens after life. They have seen it.

Don Piper is one of those people who has had a near death experience. He was declared dead on the scene in 1989 when an 18-wheeler blindsided his car. His injuries were severe. His arm had become completely separated from his body, his leg was nearly in two pieces and by the time the paramedics had arrived, Piper was gone. For 90 minutes he didn’t have a pulse.


During those 90 minutes Piper said he crossed over into heaven where his deceased grandfather greeted him, until he woke up again back on Earth.

Today Show: Mary Rapini Held By God Near Death Experience

Mary Rapini had a brain aneurysm when she was out jogging one day, an aneurysm that sent her into the intensive care unit for three days before she took a turn for the worse. She told the Today Show she could remember the physicians in her room and then she was in a tunnel, a tunnel that overwhelmed her with comfort. She then remembers being in the arms of God, feeling a “love I never felt before.”

Today Show: Dr. Sam Parnia Erasing Death Review

Are these stories real or are these people just having hallucinations as many experts suspect? Well, Dr. Sam Parnia thinks they are completely believable. He told the Today Show most people, even experts and doctors, have a fixed idea of life and death, which needs to change. With the new medical technologies evolving each day, Dr. Parnia said it is possible to bring a person back to life after they have “died.”


Today Show: Erasing Death Review & Are Near Death Experiences Real?

The Today Show listened to two people who had near death experiences and they met Dr. Sam Parnia who said people can be brought back to life after death.

In the past, medical experts believed brain cells started dying just minutes after a brain shuts down, but new research has shown brain cells can live for up to eight hours after a person has died, said Dr. Parnia.

In his new book, Erasing Death, Dr. Parnia argues that we can bring people back to life by cooling them down. He argues that we can manipulate the processes in the body, restart the heart and bring them back to life. Cooling a person down is one way to reverse those processes said Dr. Parnia. He then gave the example of the 1,500 people floating in the freezing cold waters after the Titanic sank. Had it happened when we knew about these new medical advances, we would have been able to save them.

But at what cost? Could there be brain damage? Dr. Parnia said there are risks because a lot of advances in medicine are not being implemented by all hospitals. It all depends what hospital you end up at, who the physician is and how well-versed the physician is in performing the procedures, but he said it is possible to bring bring a person back from the dead without brain damage. Dr. Parnia said he wants to study this phenomenon of bringing people back to life by placing “things up high.” To learn how to bring them back to life, he said he needs to study what happens after death. “When they die their consciousness is not annihilated and there are these experiences,” Dr. Parnia said.


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