Today Show: Emma Stone & Ryan Reynolds The Croods – First Voice Roles


Today Show: Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds The Croods Review

Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds stopped by the Today Show to promote their new movie The Croods. The movie centers on a family, the Croods, as they are forced out of their cave and into a volatile world to find a new home. On the way they run into Reynolds’ character, Guy, a nomad who has very different views from the Croods’ traditional views of life.

The animated film is the first time the actors have lent their voices to an animated film, and both of them said they had a blast making the movie. Emma Stone said she and Reynolds only worked together in the booth once but the chemistry was there. Reynolds said even when you are working alone, doing the voice for the character, he was able to connect with the characters on the screen.


Today Show: Emma Stone & Ryan Reynolds The Croods - First Voice Roles

The Today Show talked with Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds about their first roles as characters in The Croods. (DFree /

Today Show: Ryan Reynolds Lacks Caveman Qualities

Although Reynolds’ character has all the essential caveman qualities, Reynolds said he hasn’t gone camping since the tenth grade. He said he doesn’t have any caveman qualities and the only thing he has in common with his character is both of them thinking the world is going to end all the time. But Reynolds said Guy has a far better and more positive outlook on the end of the world.

Today Show: Caveman Fanny Packs and Scrunchies

Emma Stone plays the teenage daughter in the family, the one who falls for the nomad caveman Guy. She said her father in the movie, voiced by Nicolas Cage, is resistant to Guy’s way of living but seems to relent when Guy shows them how to make shoes and pants.


Even being a nomad it kind of seems like Guy has it all. He has a fanny pack-like beast that adds some comedic value to the film and for some reason he wears a prehistoric scrunchie in his hair.

“It is the first fanny pack ever invented,” Reynolds said. “Invented even before dads at Disney World wore them.”

Today Show: Emma Stone Doesn’t Like Watching Herself Talk

A lot of the expressions Emma Stone improvised with while in the booth were actually edited into the film. As she was talking about it she caught a glimpse of herself talking in the monitor behind the Today Show hosts and she was a bit taken aback. She said she can’t stand watching herself talk on television. I guess that means she won’t be watching The Croods.

As for Reynolds, he loved working on an animated film because of the ease of getting out of bed and simply having to talk into a microphone. No makeup needed, no time to prepare for the scene and you don’t even have to get dressed.

Both of the actors said they are excited for the film. Stone said it was amazing for her to watch two and half years of work come together in this movie.