Today Show: Ed Helms Hangover Part 3 Preview & The End Of The Office


Today Show: Ed Helms Hangover Part 3 Preview

Ed Helms, who plays the part of Stu, the straight shooter of the group in the Hangover movies, came in to the show today to talk about The Hangover Part 3 and a few other topics on Today Show May 15 2013. After asking Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis this question, Matt Lauer thought it was time to ask Ed Helms the same one: how does he feel about the Hangover movies coming to an end? Like the other two, Ed felt sad because he loved working on the movies and working together with the other cast members, but also happy because he thinks that, ultimately, it’s the right time wrap things up.

Today Show: Ed Helms On His Character Stu

Today Show: Ed Helms Hangover Part 3 Preview & The End Of The Office

Ed Helms talked about his roles on The Office and in The Hangover movies coming to an end. (Helga Esteb /


Let’s face it—Stu was a wimp in the first Hangover movie, and Ed Helms talked a little about the character arc that Stu has taken. Ed thought that, even through all the chaos, everyone is still basically the same person.

Though he comes back in Hangover Part 3 married to a beautiful woman and with a little more fashion sense, once the chaos starts, he goes right back to being neurotic. After everything that Stu has been through in the first two movies, Ed picked up the script to Hangover Part 3 with a little unease. Ed said that, for those looking to see Stu put through more  torture, part 3 will not disappoint.

Today Show: Ed Helms Funniest Hangover Moment

Matt Lauer wanted to know just how many takes it takes during shooting to get things right just because the cast can’t hold it together through all the madness. Ed Helms was quick to admit that he’s a giggler that can’t really hold it together, and that there were a lot of times where they would just have to stop shooting so that they could collect themselves.


Much like Bradley Cooper in his interview, Ed cited the scene in the hospital where the old man is pulling his pants down as a moment where they just couldn’t hold it together. “We just couldn’t function that day,” said Ed of the scene. It didn’t make director Todd Phillips happy, but this only made them laugh harder.

Today Show: Ed Helms The Office Finale

Not only are the Hangover movies coming to an end, but the other role he plays as Andy on television series The Office is also coming to an end on May 16. Ed had feelings similar to the ones he felt about Hangover. He’s sad to see it go, but it was great while it lasted.


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