Today Show: Dr Oz Detox Cleanse Guidelines & Benefits of Wet Food


Today Show: Dr Oz Detox Cleanse Guidelines

Dr. Oz has a week long special about the benefits of detox cleanses and he stopped by the Today Show to kick off the special.  He sat with Savannah Guthrie to go over whether detox cleanses are for everyone and how to start your own detox cleanse.

The first bit of advice he gave out was the only way to make the detox cleanse work is to follow the instructions he gives. He said the detox can work for anyone but only if they follow his instructions. He said his detoxes will work to get blotchy skin under control, it will keep energy high and it will help you fix your sleep schedule. It is not just about weight loss. It is about taking care of medical illnesses.


Today Show: Dr Oz Detox Cleanse Guidelines & Benefits of Wet Food

The Today Show sat down with Dr. Oz to talk about his detox cleanse guidelines, he revealed why eating wet food is essential and had benefits of green tea. (image credit: lev radin,

Dr Oz Breakfast Detox Drink

For breakfast, he likes to start with a banana and apple cider green drink. He said the probiotics in the drink give you more good bacteria in your gut to help prevent leaky gut syndrome.

Dr Oz: Eat Wet Foods For Lunch

For lunch, Dr. Oz said it is important to eat wet foods, meaning foods that are meant to be eaten with liquids, like beans, or the types of foods that have juice running down your chin after you bite into them, like a tangerine. He said the wet foods will fight the belly bloat you feel.


Let Green Tea Steep For 20 Minutes To Get All Benefits

For a snack, Dr. Oz suggested drinking green tea. He said to let the tea steep for 20 minutes to get the most benefits, pointing out the tea should give you more energy and fill you up when you feel hungry in between meals.

Today Show: Green Juice Drink For Dinner

Dr. Oz admitted green juice drinks do not always taste too great but he said you can get past the vegetable taste by adding hot sauce and pink salt.

Today Show: Detox Your Mind

The last bit of advice Dr. Oz had was about detoxing your mind. Not only do you need to detox your body for health reasons, but he said detoxing your mind (i.e. de-stressing yourself) is important because it will help you sleep longer and feel better.


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