Today Show: Dax Shepard’s Emotional Post About Father’s Cancer Battle


Today Show: Dax Shepard Opens Up About Dying Father

A March 20 2013 blog post by Parenthood star Dax Shepard has gone viral but not for reasons you may think. He didn’t write about a new movie he is starring in. He didn’t have anything to say about Hollywood gossip. He didn’t post any pictures of himself on vacation. Instead, he wrote a post titled “My Father’s Horiness,” a blog post about the death of his father, how he helped his father fight and succumb to cancer and how he will be indebted to his girlfriend Kristen Bell for the rest of his life for letting his father meet his unborn grandchild before he passed.

Today Show: Dax Shepard's Emotional Post About Father's Cancer Battle

The Today Show looked a blog post written by Dax Shepard about his dying father having the chance to meet his unborn grandchild and battling cancer. (Featureflash /


Shepard may be best known for being the prankster on Punk’d or as the clueless father on Parenthood, but the 38-year-old surprised fans with a heartfelt blog post about his father.

“It was the only project we ever teamed up on,” Shepard wrote of helping his father through chemotherapy. “We never built a tree house or a soap box derby car together, but you would have never known it by watching us tear through chemo decisions and radiation plans.” He added that their only goal was to get to the “end zone gracefully.”

Today Show: Dax Shepard Blog Post About Father

Shepard also wrote about sitting with his father in his final hours and Bell surprising them both by showing up so his father could meet his unborn grandchild. She lifted her shirt for Shepard’s father and let him touch her belly, keeping his hand there for the better part of an hour, according to Shepard.


“He was smiling from ear to ear, sitting contently, unable to put together a sentence, but still capable of connecting to the new family member we were creating,” he wrote of the encounter between his son and father.

Shepard ended his blog post thanking Bell, who he called his wife although the two are not married, saying even if he lives to be 1,000 years old, giving his father a moment with his unborn grandchild is something Shepard wrote he will always be indebted to his wife for.


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