Today Show: Danni Allen Wins The Biggest Loser by Losing 121 Pounds


Today Show: Danni Allen Wins The Biggest Loser

Danni Allen was the winner of The Biggest Loser after she lost 121 pounds while on the show. The 26-year-old told the Today Show it was an amazing experience to lose all the weight and be on the show. She said she has been up since the finale aired last night and she is running on pure adrenaline after her win on the show. But it wasn’t all about winning for Allen. She said she had already won when she lost all the weight.

“I knew in my heart, no matter what, I had already won,” said Allen about her weight loss success before she found out she was the winner of the competition.


Today Show: Danni Allen Wins The Biggest Loser by Losing 121 Pounds

The Today Show talked with Danni Allen, The Biggest Loser winner, who lost 121 pounds while on the show to take home the $250,000 grand prize.

She wasn’t even sure she was going to be able to win because she put on 19 pounds of muscle on a show where the object of the game is to lose weight. But she said if she lost the competition because she gained too much muscle, she would have been just as happy as she is today.

Allen said winning the competition has already changed her life. It has given her the confidence she never had before and the sense that she can dream big and accomplish those goals. Like she pointed out, she never thought she would ever be on the Today Show but there she was.


“My motto used to be ‘why me’ but now it is ‘why not me,'” Allen said.

Today Show: Danni Allen Weight Loss Advice

Allen said her advice for everyone else trying to lose weight is to never doubt yourself. She said there is no harm in trying something, adding that she fell a lot of times during the show, Jillian Michaels even dumped water on her head, but it is important to get back up and know there is no end to the road. You have to continue working at the weight loss.

Danni Allen: Spending Biggest Loser Winnings On a Vacation

Allen said she can’t believe she has $250,000 coming her way. She has so many ideas on how she wants to spend the money but the first thing she is going to do is honor her pact with Jeff and take him on a vacation with her. She even said she will bring along Francie Morillo, the woman Jeff met on the show, because “the two lovebirds can’t leave each other.”

As for keeping the weight off after the competition has ended, Allen said she has had a plan ready for when the show ended, even before she knew she was the winner. She said she is going to continue working out and she is going to begin training for the Chicago Marathon.

Can you believe how good Danni Allen looks? She lost 121 pounds, going from 258 pounds to 137 pounds.


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