Today Show: Cyber Revenge Victim Holly Jacobs & New Jersey Victims Law


Today Show: Cyber Revenge

You may have had that one person that you really cared for at one point. That person that you cared about so much that you decided to share a few photos of a, um, revealing nature, if you will. Well, Holly Jacobs of Florida learned that perhaps you should keep it in your phone. After breaking up with a boyfriend she had sent some “photos” to, she went on the internet one day only to find said photos plastered all over the internet. She felt as if her life was ruined.

Today Show: Cyber Revenge Victim Holly Jacobs & New Jersey Victims Law

You better watch it when taking those selfies for the significant other. Cyber revenge can ruin your life.


Cases like this have been dubbed “cyber revenge,” and experts believe that this may happen more often than you think–to both women and men. Holly was the first woman in Florida to ever take someone to court over cyber revenge, and cases like this may develop into a trend.

So, how do you prevent revealing photos of yourself from popping up on the internet on a revenge site? Simple: don’t take naked photos of yourself and distribute them to people, no matter who they are.

Today Show: New Jersey Cyber Revenge Law

In an interview with Holly Jacobs, it was revealed that not only were inappropriate photos of Holly distributed on the internet, but her personal information, too. Her place of work, email, and other contact information were all attached to these photos.


It’s not just photos, either. Sometimes, cyber revenge comes in the form of explicit videos, and most states don’t have laws to protect anyone from this happening to them, except for New Jersey, whose 2C14-9 law helps protect you from being subjected to what Holly has been through.

Today Show: Cyber Revenge – Blaming The Victim?

Some may look at Holly and say, “you shouldn’t have taken and sent the photos to begin with,” but she finds this to be just another version of blaming the victim. Her and her lawyer has filed for injuctive relief to get the photos taken down so as to prevent their further propagation (it didn’t work for Beyonce).

Four years down the road, she tells anyone else going through this same problem is to stand against it and not to blame yourself for trusting someone else.



  1. Willyj says

    Lol holly Jacobs not only lied for attention but did this out of spite of her ex BF.. Delusional chick takes advantage of “cyber” crisis, should be the title of this article.

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