Today Show: Chelsea Handler vs Kathie Lee & Hoda & After Lately Review


Today Show: Chelsea Handler vs Matt Lauer

Chelsea Handler finally ended her feud with Matt Lauer while she visited the Today Show. Handler joked that she was sick of always being attacked just as Matt Lauer said she is the one always on the offensive. She feuds with everyone, she pointed out. She said she tried to email him an apology but he must have a Chelsea block on his computer because he never got the email. Apparently the feud went on for so long, Handler said the “NBC brass” told her to back off Matt Lauer.

Today Show: Chelsea Handler Five Million Twitter Followers

Handler has over five million followers on Twitter but she was hoping for more even though she said she hardly tweets anything at all. She doesn’t even like reading her Twitter because so many people criticize her. She said she doesn’t want to see any more tweets with people telling her she looks fat on her show.


Today Show: Chelsea Handler vs Kathie Lee & Hoda & After Lately Review

Chelsea Handler stopped by the Today Show and apologized for feuding with Matt Lauer, told Kathie Lee sorry for missing her show and talked about After Lately. (Featureflash /

If you were hoping you might get a Tweet from Handler, don’t get your hopes up. She never tweets back at people unless it is another celebrity or on the rare occasion it is someone’s birthday and she tells them “Happy Birthday.”

Today Show: Chelsea Handler, After Lately Review

Handler’s mockumentary-style show, After Lately, just premiered for it’s third season and Hander is excited. She told the Today Show this is her favorite project to work on. She said it isn’t even that hard to get celebrities on the show, even though she normally just makes fun of them. Some of the celebrity guest stars this season include Jay Leno, Charlize Theron and Kate Beckinsale.


The reason Handler wanted to start the show was to show all the funny things that happen behind the scenes. She said people would never believe the things going on behind the camera so she made a show about it.

Today Show: Chelsea Handler vs Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb have a little feud going with Handler after she told them she wouldn’t be able to make it on their show because she was sick, but a few hours later she was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Handler claims it was her publicist’s fault for lying to them. Either way, she is going to be on the fourth hour of the Today Show March 4 2013, hopefully to make amends.


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