Today Show: Brothers Emanuel Review & Vail Veterans Skiing Program


Today Show: Brothers Emanuel Review

Brian Williams is going to be talking with the Emanuel brothers in an exclusive interview on Rock Center March 22 2013. The Emanuel brothers, Rahm, the mayor of Chicago, Zeke, a prominent doctor, and Ari, a big time Hollywood agent, all grew up under the same roof, yet they all took a different path in life and they are ready to share their story.

Zeke Emanuel said he began collecting the stories from his childhood with his brothers in his new book Brothers Emanuel because he wanted to answer all the questions he gets from his own children. He wants to preserve family memories for his own daughters while at the same time telling the story of how the three brothers grew up in Chicago yet all became successful in their own way.


“This is not a manual for raising children,” joked Zeke Emanuel. “This is simply the Emanuel manual.”

Today Show: Brothers Emanuel Review & Vail Veterans Skiing Program

The Today Show watched a preview of Rock Center about the new book Brothers Emanuel and learned about the Vail Veterans Program that teaches vets how to ski.

They also talked with Williams about standing up for one another and for the people they love. All three of the brothers said if anyone crosses one of them or a friend of theirs, they are going to be in the trenches with them, saying it is the only thing they know. It is how they grew up.


Today Show: Vail Veterans Program Review

Col. Gregory Gadson never thought he was going to ski again. After losing both of his legs while in Bagdad in 2007, Gadson thought his life was completely ruined. That was until he found the Vail Veterans Program, a program that has been teaching wounded veterans how to ski for over 10 years. Gadson is a four year veteran of the program who said he loves the program because when he is at the top of the mountain, he is “on equal footing with everybody else.”

For the past 1o years, the Vail Veterans Program has been teaching wounded veterans how to ski, something that may not have been possible in earlier years when an amputated limb would yield a bleak prognosis for a wounded solider. But it also gives them a place for healing and therapy. Even the executive director of the program, Cheryl Johnson, didn’t think the program would be what it is today. She initially thought it was strictly about teaching veterans how to ski again even with missing limbs.

“What we realized, there’s a lot more healing that takes place here, on and off the mountain,” Johnson said.

For one couple, the program is offering a shot at a normal life. Veteran Taylor Morris lost parts of all four limbs while in Afghanistan but he is hopeful for the future. His girlfriend, Danielle Kelly, said this program offers them something they can do together as a couple and possibly with their children someday as well. The program, which started with 90 veterans and now has around 1,500, has been helping veterans clear through the fog. Col. Gadson said every wounded veteran wonders where their life may be heading after they lose a limb, but he said this program is helping wounded veterans learn what life is all about and who they are going to become in the future.


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