Today Show: Brandon Cassata Surprises Fiancée With Early Wedding


By Carolyn Menyes

Today Show: Mary-Cathrin McCarthy’s Shocking Wedding

With TV shows like Say Yes to the Dress and My Fair Wedding becoming increasingly popular, the vast majority of today’s brides plan every single aspect of their wedding down to the smallest detail. Surprises along the way are typically unwelcome. If one of the biggest parts of the wedding, the date, were to suddenly change, most brides would be absolutely horrified.


Today Show: Brandon Cassata Surprises Fiancée With Early Wedding

Brandon Cassata gave the love of his life, Mary-Cathrin McCarthy, the surprise of her life when he moved up their planned wedding date by several months.

This was not the case for Mary-Cathrin McCarthy, whose then-fiance Brandon Cassata gave her the shock of her life by moving their November 2 wedding date up several months in a surprise ceremony. Cassata told his bride-to-be to get her hair and make-up done and wear her bridal gown for some pre-wedding portraits. When McCarthy showed up to the venue, however, she discovered it was actually her wedding day!

Today Show: Surprise Wedding To Reduce Stress

When asked why in the world a groom would spring a wedding upon his bride, Brandon Cassata had a simple, loving answer: “to reduce stress on her.” According to Cassata, a wedding can be a stressful occasion, and in order to avoid the “bridezilla” stereotype and unnecessary strain, he moved up the date.


This is certainly a risky move. In a poll of Today Show viewers, 74 percent of respondents would not be happy if their partner moved up their wedding date with no warning. However, Cassata never had any doubts. For instance, he planned the wedding alongside the bride’s mother and brother, who reassured him that this is something McCarthy would be into.

Additionally, it’s not like every detail of the wedding was a surprise for the bride. The venue and her dress were already picked out; it was just the date that was different for her big day. Moving the wedding up several months was also a way to get every single member of her family involved. “We had a few family issues that we wanted certain people around for the wedding, as well,” said Cassata.

Today Show: Brandon Cassata Surprise Wedding & Post-Marital Bliss

As for the wedding itself, McCarthy arrived to the couple’s planned venue prepared to take wedding photos. She was then surprised with an iPad message from her groom. “I love you. You’re my life. There’s going to be a lot of surprises today for you. I just want you to know I’m right there by your side. Let’s get married today,” Cassata said in the video.

McCarthy then said she couldn’t exactly process what was going on. But when she looked into her man’s eyes, “everything just melted” and she was thrilled to find out it was, in fact, her wedding day. Meanwhile, Cassata was a ball of nerves, but found a calming reassurance in his now brother-in-law’s thumbs up.

As for the detractors who wouldn’t want a surprise wedding? Cassata has a simple message: “I’m on TV right now, so… Everything was okay. I’m so happy.”


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