Today Show: Brain Games Review & Riddle & Trick to Beat the Shell Game


Today Show: Brain Games Review

Brain games can quicken your wit, sharpen your senses and adapt your mind to new ways of thinking. The new show on National Geographic, Brain Games, is no different. The show, hosted by Jason Silva with the help of deception artist Apollo Robbins, set out to explore the shortcomings of the brain and how those shortcomings can be exploited.

Silva said the show is aiming to make brain science more mainstream. The show focuses on one of the most complicated objects in the world, the brain, and it reveals the faults the brain has. The interactive show demonstrates how the brain can be manipulated easily by showing puzzles during the episode and then showing the viewers how their brains were tricked.


Today Show: Brain Games Review & Riddle & Trick to Beat the Shell Game

The Today Show talked with the hosts of Brain Games, learned how the interactive show works and Apollo Robbins shared the trick for beating the shell game.

Today Show: Brain Games Riddle

They brought one brain game on the show with them asking viewers to look at two blinking dots in the forefront on a black square. While the dots do not seem to blink at the same time, when the squares are taken away it is easy to see the dots blinking at the same time.

Can you solve the riddle below?


Mary’s mother had four daughters, April, May, June. Who is the fourth daughter? Most people would think July but if you read the question over, you will notice it is asking for the daughter’s of Mary’s mother. Obviously Mary is one of the daughters.

Today Show: Shell Game Secret – Watch the Spaces

Apollo Robbins showed the hosts the trick to the shell game. He said it is all about watching the spacing of the shells and not watching the shell you think the ball is under. He said it is simple to exploit the person playing the game because they try to watch the ball making it easy to confuse them. Simply watch the spaces to find where the ball ends up.

Robbins added that the show is not meant to make people feel stupid because they can’t figure out how the trick works. Every one of the brain games is explained in full. The show is attempting to reveal to people how the brain operates by allowing people to play along at home.


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