Today Show: Bradley Cooper Hangover 3 Preview & Wanting To Be a Ninja


Today Show: Hangover 3 The Last Hangover

Depending on your perspective, Bradley Cooper had some very good or very bad news to deliver this morning. The actor known for his role as Phil in the Hangover movies confirmed that Hangover 3 would be the last Hangover film. Todd Phillips, the director for the movies, is moving on from the series to explore other avenues after spending six years of his life making Hangover movies.

Funniest Moment Bradley Cooper Has Ever Filmed

Today Show: Bradley Cooper Hangover 3 Preview & Wanting To Be a Ninja

As a child, Bradley Cooper wanted to be a ninja? (image credit: Featureflash /


On election night in 2008, during the filming of the first Hangover movie, Bradley Cooper experienced one of his funniest moments in his career. While attempting to film a scene from the movie where an older man takes down his underwear, the crew could just not stop laughing. According to Cooper’s calculations, it took them two hours to film the scene.

According to Cooper, incidents like this didn’t happen regularly because of the time constraints associated with filming a movie, but they did happen from time to time.

The Hangover 3 Preview

The Hangover 3 stars out as Alan’s story, when the family decides that it is time for an intervention. With Alan’s mental instability getting worse, they decide it is time to take him to an institution. Though you might be left wondering why something like this didn’t occur sooner, Bradley Cooper said that there are events that take place in the beginning of the film that serve as a catalyst to Alan’s breakdown.


Bradley Cooper Was Obsessed With Being a Ninja

As a young child, Bradley Cooper was apparently an aspiring ninja. When he was a kid, Bradley would always buy ninja stars out of the back of magazines and eventually got to a point where he was asking his dad if he could move there until he was 21 to complete ninja training.

Bradley Cooper Oscar Nomination

Last time Bradley Cooper was on the show, he was there for his movie Silver Linings Playbook, which he got an Oscar nomination for. This got Matt asking Cooper about his memories of awards season, and one stuck out to him. On the day of the Oscars, Bradley, his mother, Robert De Niro and his family and Daniel Day-Lewis and his family all met up and traveled together. Being with two of his biggest influences, said Bradley, was an incredible experience.

Bradley Cooper Reads Online Message Boards

Will Bradley Cooper ever get tired of acting? No, he says. He loves doing it way too much to ever get bored with it. Though, to stay grounded, he will sometimes venture onto online message boards and read the comments, which he says he may actually stop doing because it’s “a little too masochistic.”


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