Today Show Bow to Wow Shelter Pet Adoption & Valentine’s Day Studio 1A


Today Show: From Bow To Wow Pet Adoptions

The Today Show loves animals and they are always trying to help find homes for some of the most lovable and cuddly pets in New York City. What better time than Valentine’s Day to adopt a pet from a shelter? Or should I write, what better time to get your significant other a pet they can cherish forever? There is no better present than a best friend for life. The Today Show first looked at Smooch, an adorable six-month-old Chihuahua mix who has a fitting name for his personality. If you get too close to his face, he is going to give you some kisses. The caretaker of the animals, all from Animal Care and Control in NYC, said Smooch is a great apartment dog and great for anyone who is going to be home all the time.

Today Show Bow to Wow Shelter Pet Adoption & Valentine's Day Studio 1A

The Today Show tried to keep their adoption rate at 100 percent with the Bow to Wow Shelter Pet Adoption segment.


Next up was Valentino, a 10-month-old Bichon Frise who would be great for a couple with children because this little ball of white fur loves children and he loves being petted. Heart was the next dog the Today Show brought out and this 10-month-old Norfolk Terrier mix loves cuddling up in a nice lap. He is an intelligent, fast-learning dog and he would be another great small apartment dog.

The Today Show brought out Sweet Pea next, a one-and-half-year-old Cavalier Spaniel mix who is great with cats although she can be a little timid when warming up to new people. Last on the show was Cupid the cat. This three-month-old domesticated short haired cat is one of the sweetest and most cuddly cats around. Help the Today Show in their mission to help all the animals in America find homes by adopting a new pet today.

Today Show: Valentine’s Day In the Today Studio

The hosts were spreading the love through the Today Show studio on Valentine’s Day and they had some really nice things to say about each other.

  • Al Roker said he is thankful to have Matt Lauer in life because he is a good friend.
  • Matt Lauer said he loves working with Hoda because she makes you feel better about everything.
  • Al Roker said he loves Kathie Lee because she turned public drinking into an art form.
  • Willie Geist said he loves Al Roker because, as he recently found out himself, Roker is a good kisser.



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