Today Show: Bill & Giuliana Rancic Ready for Love Review & Edward Duke


Today Show: Bill and Giuliana Rancic First Kiss

Bill and Giuliana Rancic are the co-hosts of the new reality dating show, Ready for Love, and they stopped by the Today Show to talk about finding time for the show, finding time for each other and how Giuliana’s health has been holding up. But first, they watched a clip from the show where Bill and Giuliana playfully argued about their first kiss.

Bill said he leaned in for a kiss on their second date and Giuliana turned away from him. She said she has a three date rule for kissing people. She didn’t want to be the “kissing bandit,” she told the Today Show.


Today Show: Bill & Giuliana Rancic Ready for Love Review & Edward Duke

The Today Show talked with Bill and Giuliana Rancic about co-hosting Ready for Love, their seven-month-old son and Giuliana discussed her health problems. (Featureflash /

Today Show: Giuliana Rancic 16 Months After Double Mastectomy

Before getting to the new show, the Today Show wanted to ask about Giuliana’s health and she said she feels great. It has been about 16 months since her double mastectomy and she is feeling great. She visited the doctor for some tests the other day and all the tests came back fine. But the phone calls from the doctor still scare her. She said Bill has to answer the phone when the doctor calls.

Today Show: Seven-Month-Old Edward Duke Rancic

Giuliana said their seven-month-old son, whom they called Duke, is doing great as well. Bill said his son has been growing in some pretty sharp teeth. Stick your hand near Duke’s mouth and apparently he will take your finger off. At least that is what Bill is claiming.


The Today Show had a bunch of photos of Duke but none of them had Giuliana in the picture. She said she is always the one behind the camera taking pictures. She only has a few pictures of her with Duke at the house.

“I’m like big foot at the house,” she joked.

Today Show: Bill and Giuliana Ready For Love Review

Bill and Giuliana admitted they are both really busy people but they fell in love with Ready for Love so much they knew they had to make time in their schedules to host. They also predicted that at least two of the men from the show are going to be married by the end of the series.

I have a feeling more people are watching the show for the drama though and fans should be excited for the next drama-filled episode where an ex-girlfriend from Ben Patton’s past is the newest woman on the show, saying after she saw him on the show she knew she wanted him back and she couldn’t just sit back and watch another woman steal his heart. According to Bill and Giuliana none of the other girls are going to be very welcoming of Ben’s ex.

You can see the newest episode of Ready for Love Tuesday, April 16 2013 on NBC. And let us know who you think is going to find true love on the show. Do you think any of the possible marriages will last after the cameras turn off?


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