Today Show America’s Got Talent Review & Howard Stern Dance Instructor


Today Show: America’s Got Talent Season Eight Premiere

America’s Got Talent is premiering it’s eight season this summer and the Today Show wanted the inside scoop on what they can look forward too. They aired a clip from the new season where Howard Stern convinces Heidi Klum he was a dance instructor when he got out of college. Of course, he never was but she believed him. And that isn’t the only the shenanigan the hosts seem to get in together. Heidi Klum said she had to save Howie Madel today after he fell into a bidet.

The dynamic of the show might have changed with two new judges being added to the lineup, but host Nick Cannon said the change is for the better. Everyone works well together, making the show even more fun to watch. Klum added that she was getting new wrinkles from all the laughing she does on the show.


Today Show America's Got Talent Review & Howard Stern Dance Instructor

The Today Show talked with all the judges from America’s Got Talent, reveled that Howard Stern may be a dance instructor and Heidi Klum almost lost a child. (Featureflash /

Today Show: Heidi Klum America’s Got Talent Judge

Heidi Klum may seem like a strange choice for the judge of a talent show but she doesn’t see it that way. She told the Today Show she has been in the entertainment business for 20 years so she knows when she sees something special. The show helps to keep her active. She hates being bored.

Today Show: Howard Stern a Natural Judge

Howard Stern may be the most apt judge on the panel. He told the Today Show he used to watch the show at his house before he was a judge and he would do the same thing he does on the show now, but he used to do it in his bed. Being on the show hasn’t changed his excitement for the talent either. He said he is just a natural judge.


Today Show: Season Seven Of America’s Got Talent Went To the Dogs

The Olate dogs were the winners of season seven of America’s Got Talent but if Howie Mandel had his way, another act would have won. He didn’t think it was the best act of the season but apparently America did. He said this summer is all about the humans. That is as long as America wants a human act to win.

Today Show: Heidi Klum Saves Child From Rip Tide

While on vacation in Hawaii recently, Heidi Klum had the scare of her life when her seven-year-old and her nanny got swept away into the ocean by a rip tide. Thankfully her child has been taking swimming lessons since he was two-years-old, allowing him to make it back to shore safely along with the nanny.

“It just shows you, you do not know what will happen in life,” Klum said.


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