Today Show: Amber Holcomb Voted Off American Idol & Future Career Plan


Today Show: Amber Holcomb American Idol

Amber Holcomb, the most recent person voted off of American Idol, came by Today May 7 2013 to talk about what’s next for her. Once she was eliminated, she reduced the number of contestants on American Idol to just three. It seemed like Amber Holcomb was in the bottom two more than any other contestant. Amber Holcomb said that knowing she was in the bottom two definitely put her on alert. She said it’s a lot of pressure to be on American Idol, to sing in front of millions of people and then have the four judges critique you. She said that when she performed, she tried to step out of herself, to cut against the nerves.

Today Show: Amber Holcomb Voted Off American Idol & Future Career Plan

Amber Holcomb came by the Today Show May 7 2013 to talk about being eliminated from American Idol and what’s next for her. (image credit: Helga Esteb /


Amber Holcomb Mentored By Harry Connick, Jr.

One of the American Idol mentors this year (actually, the only one so far) was Harry Connick, Jr. Vanessa Williams, who was a guest co-anchor on Today, asked Amber Holcomb what she learned from Harry Connick, Jr. Amber Holcomb said he taught her to really understand the lyrics of what she was singing so that she could bring more of her emotion into the lyrics.

I think it will also help keep her from making ridiculous song choices. Everyone always says that Jimmy Iovine is too hard on the contestants, but seriously, he was right on the money when he criticized her choice of singing “MacArthur Park.” He said the lyrics make no sense to anyone at all. Sample lyrics: “Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don’t think that I can take it, ’cause it took so long to bake it and I’ll never have that recipe again.” Why did someone leave a cake out in the rain? Why did someone write this song? Why did Amber Holcomb sing it? Say what you will about Angie’s longing looks into the camera, but she would never pick such a nonsensical song. Amber might as well have sang a Dr. Suess book. But I do think Amber sang the songs well, no matter what she was singing, even if the lyrics of some of her choices left a lot to be desired.

Amber Holcomb: Where She Was a Year Ago

Amber Holcomb said her whole life has changed in a year. She said a year ago she was changing diapers at a daycare and now she’s singing for the world.


Amber Holcomb: What’s Next

Amber Holcomb said she’d love to sing and get a record deal, but she also wanted to act and model. Vanessa Williams said she had to do the work and she had to study to be successful. Amber Holcomb is a huge fan of Vanessa Williams and seemed a bit star struck by her.

I hope the best for Amber. I don’t think anyone was surprised that she was the most recent one to go, but it doesn’t mean she’s not talented. Every one of the top five girls on American Idol deserves to be on the radio.


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