Today Show: ABBA Museum Opens In Sweden & Agnetha Faltskog A Review


Today Show: ABBA Museum Opens In Stockholm

Elvis fans have a Mecca in Graceland. Sports fans have a temple in the Hall Of Fame. But where do ABBA fans have to go to worship their musical gods? Stockholm, Sweden  actually, now that the museum has opened today. Bjoern Ulvaeus, a former band member, took Keir Simmons on a tour before the museum opened. The car they used to travel in, extremely tight pants, platform boots, and the original mixing desk that the band recorded with were all on display.

Today Show: Agnetha Faltskog A Review

Today Show: ABBA Museum Opens In Sweden & Agnetha Faltskog A Review

ABBA now has a museum open in Stockholm.


Agnetha Faltskog, a vocalist for ABBA, is coming back with an album, titled simply A, her first recording in 20 years, and she sat down with the show to reminisce on some of her old favorites from the band that made her a star, ABBA.

The Winner Takes It All,” which was released around the time that Agnetha and Bjoern went through a divorce, turned out to be quite a poignant piece of lyricism that described perfectly their emotional situation.

Bjoern Ulvaeus: “We’re Writing From The Heart”

All it’s missing is a bar and a lot of depressed thirty-somethings, but the ABBA museum also features a place for loyal fans to recite their favorite ABBA songs, karaoke style—and with all of the grandeur lent to them with this museum, the people who are most bewildered by the band’s continued success is the band themselves. “We were writing from the heart,” said Bjoern Ulvaeus, “it was just chance, really, that millions around the world had liked the same thing.”


Today Show: ABBA Reunion

To commemorate the opening of the museum, ABBA reunited to meet with the Today Show crew in front of the museum, fans in tow, to talk about their feelings on the new museum.

“The city of Stockholm has been asking for this for a long time,” said Bjoern Ulvaeus. “All four of us said said to it, and we love our city.” Understandably, Bjoern thought it a little weird to have a museum all to yourself. His favorite display, despite all of the interactivity, was actually the story that the static exhibits tell.

While most of their music is very uplifting, some of it is quite sad, and the band was asked if they thought this made their music more real. They agreed that, as time goes on, your lyrics change. Even though the story the lyrics tell may be fictional, they are all rooted in reality in some capacity.

Talk of a reunion? No. Sorry!


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