Today Show: 1980s Olympic Hockey Captain Mike Eruzione Auctioning Gear


Today Show: 1980s Olympic Hockey Team Auctioning Equipment

Mike Eruzione became an American hero after he scored the game winning goal against the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympic games, a hockey game that was about more than just hockey, and now you can own some of that American history. Eruzione told the Today Show he is auctioning off the Miracle On Ice jersey, along with some other gear and the stick that took the game winning shot.

Eruzione isn’t auctioning the equipment because he is in need of more money but more because he just wanted to give the equipment to someone who might display it, saying he has kept it in his attic all these years. He has other reasons as well.


Today Show: 1980s Olympic Hockey Captain Mike Eruzione Auctioning Gear

The Today Show looked at all the hockey equipment 1980s Olympic hockey captain Mike Eruzione is auctioning off. (Debby Wong /

“I have three children and two jerseys,” Eruzione said, “this is the best way to split it up for them.”

Experts say the jersey alone will sell for more than one million dollars and Euzione said he is going to put the money away for his children and give some to his charity.


Today Show: Largest Annual Pet Trade Show

The largest annual pet trade show is happening right now in Miami, Florida. The Today Show wanted the full scoop on all the action so they strapped a camera on the one dog that would enjoy it most, Ruby.

They let Ruby run loose, with a leash on of course, across the 13 football field long convention, filled with over 900 exhibitors, 2,500 booths and over 3,000 of the latest, greatest dog inventions. From new ways to pamper your dog to the best water bowl in the world, Ruby explored them all.

Today Show: Best Dog Toys At 2013 Pet Expo

Some of Ruby’s favorite new gadgets included a portable water bowl, homemade dog treats, a stake that can be pounded into the ground and used as a leash and her own little carriage to be wheeled around in on the back, or front, of a bicycle.


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