Today Show: 17-Year-Old Beth Reekles Novel The Kissing Booth Review


Today Show: Beth Reekles – Next Big Thing In Literature

Beth Reekles may only be 17-years-old but she is slated as the next big thing in literature. The Today Show sat down with the budding author to talk about her new book, why she began writing and the courses she will be taking at college to get a degree in an area you may not expect.

Today Show: The Kissing Booth Review

Beth Reekles is like most other teenage girls. She likes to go shopping, she likes hanging out with her friends and she gets nervous around the boys she likes. But that may be where the comparisons stop between Reekles and her peers. While many of her friends were off socializing, Reekles was working on her first novel.


Today Show: 17-Year-Old Beth Reekles Novel The Kissing Booth Review

The Today Show talked with 17-year-old Beth Reekles about her novel The Kissing Booth, about why she wrote the book and why she is studying astro physics.

Reekles admitted she didn’t think herself too great of a writer but she couldn’t find a book that appealed to her. So she wrote her own. She worked on her book for two years, never allowing others, even her parents, to read the work until it was completed. Her parents told the Today Show they had no idea their daughter was working on a novel, saying she only told them she was “writing stories.”

After completing her novel, she decided to put the book, The Kissing Booth, on a website for writers hoping to get some advice. Instead, the book took off. Nearly 19 million people read the book before a publisher emailed her and asked to publish the book for her. Reekles told the Today Show she was so excited about the offer she could hardly form sentences when she told her parents about the offer.


The Today Show described The Kissing Booth as the “high school version of 50 Shades of Grey.” Reekles agreed, saying the book is not raunchy at all but more about the nervousness and the self consciousness every female teenager feels at that point in their life. She said she wrote her characters to feel like she would in their situations.

“If I was on a first date, I would be super nervous,” Reekles said.

Today Show: Beth Reekles Studying Astrophysics

Reekles may be signed to a three book deal with her publisher, but it might be hard for her to continue writing a book every couple of years. She told the Today Show The Kissing Booth has done so well, even becoming a bestseller, that her entire college education is paid for and she has decided to study astrophysics.


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