Today: Rosie Napravnik Derby Jockey & What Does Googling ‘Askew’ Do?


Google Trends Over the Weekend

The Today Show’s Tamron Hall talked to Daniel Sieberg, a Google technologist, about Google trends over the weekend. These aren’t the things that were the most searched, but the things which were a general trend over the weekend as a whole.

Rosie Napravnik Kentucky Derby Jockey

Today: Rosie Napravnik Derby Jockey & What Does Googling 'Askew' Do?

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg came by Today May 6 2013 to talk about the Google search trends over the weekend.


Rosie Napravnik was the number one topic over the weekend. She was a jockey in the Kentucky Derby, which was on Saturday, May 4. She’s one of the only women jockeys in the game and she’s only the sixth woman to run the Kentucky Derby since 1970. She didn’t win, but people are still interested in her. People also looked up Mint Juleps so they could drink and watch at home. But sadly, no one looked up ridiculous Kentucky Derby hats, so I still don’t know what the deal was with that segment.

Cinco De Mayo History

People were also looking up Cinco de Mayo history. Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and people wanted to know where it started. People often think it’s Mexican Independence Day, which is incorrect. The history of Cinco de Mayo actually goes back to the era of the American Civil War and Mexico’s battle with the French. It’s a pretty interesting history.

Ellen Tweets Cher Photo

Ellen tweeted a picture of her and Cher that was obviously digitally altered, showing the two of them wearing the same thing, which was a sparkly bikini thing, with a leather jacket on top. Cher also has a new documentary out about her mother Georgia Holt and a new album coming out soon. She was also on Good Morning America May 3 2013, which may have at least started the trend.


May 4: Star Wars Day

May 4 was Star Wars Day, otherwise known as May the Fourth Be With You. People post about it online and some people dress in costume. It becomes a big trend online.

Reese Witherspoon Arrest Video

People are still looking up Reese Witherspoon’s arrest video. For some people, it’s still pretty startling to see her in this situation. Tamron Hall said that people can Google this video forever, which may be a concern for Reese Witherspoon.

Grace Askew & Google Easter Egg

Another Google search was the word “askew.” Grace Askew was a contestant on The Voice known for her improvisation and “in the moment” style, who ultimately lost last week. I’m also willing to bet that half of America instantaneously fell in love with her the moment she played her first cover, “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” in her trademark blues/country style, which she called “bluntry.” I thought it was just me, but if she’s this big of a trend, then maybe I wasn’t alone in wanting to throw something at the TV when she was voted off. Usher turned to Blake Shelton and told him that her improvisational style is what ultimately hurt her, when that’s probably what everyone loved since she was one of the few contestants that actually sounded unique and different, along with Jacqui Sandell (eliminated), Christian Porter (eliminated), Caroline Glaser (still in it!) and Michelle Chamuel (also still in it!). There are more technically proficient and experienced singers in the competition, but I think these are the people who actually make you want to stand up and dance.

Anyway, it turns out that “askew” is also a hidden Easter Egg in Google. If you Google “askew,” the Google box shifts to be at an angle. Daniel Sieberg said he thought that people were probably curious at first about Grace Askew and then Googling “askew” to show their friends the Easter Egg.


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