Today: Lauren Sandler The One And Only & Benefits Of Having One Child


Today Show: Lauren Sandler

Lauren Sandler, who wrote an op ed in The New York Times over the weekend about the advantages both for the parent and the child of having a single child, said that her daughter, her husband, and herself have a good relationship that wouldn’t be the same if they had two children.

Lauren Sandler perhaps gets her opinions of parenting from her experiences as a single child, where she was never had a want for a sibling and had a great relationship with her parents, too. The only real stress that she associates with it comes from dealing with her parents’ aging and eventually deaths on her own.


Lauren thinks that parents tend to lose sight of their own happiness when creating a family, and this gets in the way of good parenting. Lauren said that parents should put happiness as a priority not only for their own good, but the good of the rest of their family, as well.

Today Show: Lauren Sandler The One And Only Review

Today: Lauren Sandler The One And Only & Benefits Of Having One Child

Lauren Sandler found that single children tend to be more intelligent and be higher achievers.

Lauren Sandler’s new book, The One And Only, covers the topic of parenting an only child more thoroughly, and through a more personal lens. Lauren cites tons of research that suggests that single children grow up just fine and aren’t the self-absorbed brats that society thinks them to be.


The stereotype of self-absorption comes from single children never having to compete for their parent’s affection, which Lauren Sandler says is true, but none of this leads to a lonely child. In fact, the solitude can strengthen the relationship that the child has with his or her self.

Today Show: Benefits Of Being An Only Child

Statistically, only children tend to be higher achieving and more intelligent, a far different prognosis than “spoiled” and “self-absorbed.” Lauren Sandler said that there isn’t anything wrong with these children like people say, and, in fact, there are benefits to it.

Today Show: Benefits Of Having Only One Child

A lot of parents feel a little guilty for only having one child, but Lauren said that they shouldn’t. She said that her parents’ family is very happy, and so is her family. Not only that, but children are expensive, and less children means less expensive means less stress over financial reasons. She didn’t want to discourage parents from having more than one children, she just wanted those who only had one child to know it’s okay to do that.

Today Show: Disadvantages Of Being An Only Child

One of the stresses for the child, however, is that, when their parents eventually die, they have no siblings to go to, which can leave an irreconcilable hole in your heart when your parents die, but she didn’t think it was enough to discourage her from taking the route she did.


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