Today: Jen Lancaster The Tao Of Martha & Living Like Martha Stewart


Today Show: Jen Lancaster The Tao Of Martha Review

Jen Lancaster’s life was so hectic that she finally threw up her hands and decided to start swearing by the advice of Martha Stewart to streamline her life. She wrote a book about the experience called The Tao Of Martha.

Today Show: Living Like Martha Stewart

Today: Jen Lancaster The Tao Of Martha & Living Like Martha Stewart

Jen Lancaster wrote about her experiences living by Martha Stewart’s rule book in The Tao Of Martha. (s_bukley /


Jen Lancaster took on hosting responsibilities on numerous occasions throughout the year, making drinks, flower arrangements, and decorations for things like Cinco De Mayo parties. Even though she was guided by one of the best, however, everything didn’t always play out according to plan.

One time, for instance, she hosted an Easter egg hunt for all of her friends’ kids, and two kids ended up in the ER. Another time, she tried to glitter pumpkins, and that resulted in most of her house being coated with a layer of glitter. However, her fridge and pantry were more organized than ever because everything had labels on it.

One myth that was shattered for Jen Lancaster throughout this experience was that homemade gifts are cheap. She started knitting this year, and she estimated that, between the materials and time it took to craft some scarves, each one could be valued at $8,000. Exaggeration or not? You decide.


Today Show: The Ups And Downs Of Living Like Martha Stewart

Jen Lancaster came on the show to talk about why she decided to take on this style of living. Having had a rough 2011 thanks to a lot of small problems, she planned on taking on a happiness project. At first, she was going to do something Oprah-style, but then, she realized that she dealt more in emotion than anything else. Martha Stewart, however, was more project-oriented.

Jen’s husband thought this was the best thing to happen in her home in years. Being an ex-military man, he loved having organization.

The biggest takeaway that Jen Lancaster took away from her experience was that you are probably capable of more than you think you are. You can’t fail if you don’t try, after all. She said that, now that the year is over, she is going to make an effort to sustain it for as long as she can.


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