Today: Hilary Duff On Two & a Half Men & Johnson & Johnson Care Cards


Today Show: Hilary Duff Has a Child?

As a guy in his mid-twenties, I have to say that it’s been interesting these past few years to see people my own age get married and start families and careers. It’s an odd time in every person’s life, as you figure out who you are and what you want to be, and you watch the people you’ve known your whole life do the same. But I have to say, sometimes it’s almost weirder watching Hollywood stars grow up than watching friends, because they’re icons of your childhood. For example, Lizzie McGuire herself, Hilary Duff, came by Today to talk about her first child. I haven’t even heard her name in years. Wasn’t she last dating the guy from Good Charlotte? Apparently that ended a long time ago.

Now, Hilary Duff is 25 and married to NHL player Mike Comrie. And not only has the Cheaper By the Dozen and A Cinderella Story star had a child, but she also came by Today to talk about Johnson & Johnson. Remember when she was talking about whatever misadventure she, Miranda and Gordo got into that week? Everyone grows up so fast!


Today: Hilary Duff On Two & a Half Men & Johnson & Johnson Care Cards

Hilary Duff came by Today May 1 2013 to talk about being a mother, her new role on Two and a Half Men and what Johnson & Johnson is doing to help new mothers. (image credit: s_bukley /

Hilary Duff: Being a Mother

Hilary Duff said in the year since her son was born, she’s gained a lot of confidence and learned a lot about intuition. She said she didn’t know she could love something so much. Willie Geist asked if Hilary Duff found it humbling, since she’s a famous singer and actress, but her son Luca doesn’t care about any of that. “It is very humbling, but it’s all about him,” Duff said.

Hilary Duff: Johnson & Johnson

Hilary Duff said that when she became a mother, she wanted to do something to help other new mothers and babies. “It’s such a wonderful, but difficult, time in your life,” Hilary Duff said. That’s why she is trying to spread the word about Johnson & Johnson. One of the things she talked about was their website, which offers a feature where you can make a care card for a mother in need that offers support and encouragement. With every card shared, liked, or sent, Johnson & Johnson will donate a dollar to Save the Children.


Hilary Duff On Two and a Half Men

Hilary Duff guest starred on Two and a Half Men, where she played a drunken party girl. That’s a long way from her days wishing Chad Michael Murray would take her to the ball in A Cinderella Story. Hilary Duff said she was a fan of the show and loved working with the cast. “It was a blast,” she said.

It was kind of cool to see Hilary Duff again on my television. I hope she finds more success in movies and television. Maybe she and other Disney stars from the late 1990s and early 2000s could team up and make something. I wonder if the kid from Even Stevens is busy.


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