Today: Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, Hula Dancing & Conch Horn


Today Show: Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie came on Today Show May 20 2013 to talk a little about the place he calls home. Neil Abercrombie came to Hawaii came here when it achieved statehood back in 1959 from Buffalo, New York, and and has been there ever since.

Today: Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, Hula Dancing & Conch Horn

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie showed the crew some of Hawaii’s traditions, including Hula dancing.


Though much of the world has seen a downturn in tourism, Neil said that Hawaii hasn’t, which speaks volumes to the many different things the state has to offer—or he, as the governor of the state, just wouldn’t get on national television and talk poorly about it. You decide.

Today Show: Natalie And Savannah Learn Hula

Nicole Thomson, a professional Hula dancer, made an attempt to show Natalie and Savannah how to Hula. Though the pants they were wearing weren’t exactly traditional Hula garb, the grass skirts that they wore on top them were genuine. I don’t think the two will be doing this professionally any time soon.

Today Show: Matt Learns To Play The Conch Horn

After the Hula lesson, Matt was shown how to play a conch shell horn, known traditionally as “pu” (pronounced “poo,” which the crew made a few eye-rolling jokes about). He did about as well as you would expect someone to do the first time they tried to play any instrument.


Traditionally, these instruments were used to signal the arrival of tribal high chiefs and announce the commencement of ceremonies. They are pretty common throughout the South Pacific, and can be heard from two miles away.

Today Show: The Crew Gets A Taste Of Luau

The last part of the segment saw the team trying out some traditional luau food. Kahlua pig and other dishes were on display, as well as a highly-revered Hawaiian delicacy, poi. Poi is a diet food made from the roots of a taro, mashed with water until it is of a traditional consistency.


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