Today: Craig Robinson Peeples Review, Office Finale & Wake Up With Al


Today Show: Wake Up With Al

Genevieve Bowles, a teacher’s assistant from Silver Springs, Maryland, was a Wake Up With Al finalist, thanks to her “Al on a stick” craft. Apparently, she wheels a cart around her school that I can only assume (hope?) she carries something in besides all the copies of Al on a stick that she carries around for teacher and any important work or crafts that she does. That doesn’t seem strange or anything.

Today Show: Al On A Stick, Craig Robinson, Peeples Preview

Craig Robinson stopped by to talk about his starring role in Tyler Perry’s “Peeples.” (s_bukley /


She said that, if she wins, she wants Al to come visit her and all the students at her school. Foregoing the assumption that it is not likely a bunch of pre-teens will even know who the heck Al Roker is, it would be safe to say that Al may just be staying away from that school–especially with the stalker-themed popsicles that Genevieve has loaded her cart up with.

Today Show: Craig Robinson Peeples Review

Craig Robinson made an appearance to talk about his role in the new Tyler Perry movie, Peeples. Playing Wade Walker, a “non-certified children’s music therapist,” as Robinson puts it, he finds it is not as easy as he thought it would be to propose to his United Nations lawyer girlfriend (played by Kerry Washington), when the father (played by David Alan Grier) gets involved. Tyler Perry movies fare very well in the box office, but are routinely crushed by critics for reasons utterly unknown to anyone.

Today Show: The Office Series Finale

Craig Robinson also spoke about his role on The Office and his feelings on its coming to an end. He said there were definitely tears on set, but that he wasn’t a part of them in any capacity. I’ll call his bluff and assume that he was crying right along with them.



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