Today: Andy Cohen Most Talkative Review & Singing Prom Proposal Video


Today Show: Top Clips Of the Week

Every week viewers of Today Show pick their favorite videos. This week we have four great videos to choose from. You can vote for your favorite on

#1 Puppy Who Can’t Catch


This little pup is still mastering all the necessary talents of being a dog. Pacino tries to catch a toy, but he throws himself off balance and falls backward. What’s cuter than a little fluff ball rolling around of the floor? Nothing.

#2 Little Girl Laughs


Viewers love this little girl’s laugh. She likes to walk the dog and let go of the leash, letting the dog walk himself. She then lets out a bubbly laugh and really makes you smile.

#3 Singing Prom Proposal

This kid wanted to do something amazing to ask his crush to prom. He and a friend composed a song for her and performed it in the hall during class change. She said yes.

#4 Dance Cam

Today: Andy Cohen Most Talkative Review & Singing Prom Proposal Video

Andy Cohen told Savannah Guthrie that he could never choose a favorite Real Housewife. (Helga Esteb /

An usher at a Detroit Pistons game got his groove on. He played it cool and when the crowd least expected it he pulled a little Michael Jackson.

Today Show: Andy Cohen Most Talkative

Bravo’s Andy Cohen is most famous for starting The Real Housewives franchise. He told Savannah Guthrie that he doesn’t have a favorite housewife because he loves them all for different reasons. He is particularly proud of NeNe Leakes for her recent success on The New Normal.

Cohen wrote his book Most Talkative about his rise to fame and how he started his empire at Bravo. He writes that he was concerned about Top Chef when it first started. The creators were worried that the show’s concept wouldn’t take off and that the name was bad. Fans of the show are pretty diehard, so I’d say there was no reason to worry.

Most Talkative comes out in paperback on April 2 2013.


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