Today: 3D Printers Can Make Guns & Chris Christie Weight Loss Surgery


Today Show: 3D Printers Making Plastic Guns

3D printers can be used to create almost anything you can imagine, like a plastic gun that would not be detectable by traditional security systems. Cody Wilson, creator of The Liberator, has been subject to a lot of controversy. Star Jones, Donny Deutsch and Wendy Willams all sat in on the Today’s Professionals segment to discuss this.

The biggest problem, said Star Jones, is that there isn’t much we can do about the issue. Jones said that gun laws are very behind. The thing with gun laws, however, is that they are easily circumvented here because 3D printers cost as little as $500 now. Should Cody Wilson go through with his plan to release the schematics to this firearm, people will be able to print out a liberator right at home.


Donny Deutsch said that with every technological advancement that is made, 3D printers included, there will be those who want to use it for bad. His concern is that the technology is moving too fast for laws to catch up with it, thereby making the use of it for terror that much easier.

Today: 3D Printers Can Make Guns & Chris Christie Weight Loss Surgery

With 3D printers capable of making plastic guns, are we safe?

Governor Chris Christie’s Weight Loss Surgery

In order to control his weight, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie underwent weight loss surgery two months ago, but decided to keep the matter to himself until this week. Christie estimated that he has lost 40 pounds already. When asked what they think of the secrecy he went about the procedure with, Wendy Williams commended the governor for making sure not only that the procedure worked before announcing it, but taking control of his health and extending his life.


Where reelection is concerned, Donny Deutsch wonders if a slimmed-down Christie will have the same presence as he does now with his wide girth. With him not being that tall, will the man dominate a room like he does now? Even if he has a great mind, what about his big-guy swagger? Star Jones said that Christie simply has to get it out of his mind that his swagger is derived from his size.

12-Year-Old Jeremy Drew Confronts Police Officer

Las Vegas tween Jeremy Drew called out a police officer for not following the rules and caught it all on tape, which has gone viral on YouTube. Aptly titled “Cop breaking the law” it depicts a young Jeremy Drew confronting a Las Vegas police officer who entered a convenience store to get a drink and parked his patrol bike on the sidewalk. Needless to say, he wasn’t taken all that seriously by the officer (who, judging by the tape, knew he was in the wrong). What did the professionals think?

Donny Deutsch got unexpectedly angry about it, calling Jeremy’s video indicative of a much larger social problem of an entitled youth. Apparently, he doesn’t mind it when police don’t lead by example. Star Jones and Wendy Williams said that they would teach their kids, given their race, to always be respectful to police officers.


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