Today Show: Sara Bareilles “Brave” Performance, New Album & Solo Tour


Today Show: Sara Bareilles New Album

Sara Bareilles could pretty much sing anything and it would sound epic. Remember her song “King of Anything?” That song was basically just about a girl who was tired of hearing a guy tell her what to do. It’s well-traveled ground, but there’s a reason the video has 12 million views on YouTube. But I don’t think it’s just her awesome voice. I think it’s also her personality. I mean, after all, there is the often-repeated but not-ever-confirmed fan theory that the chorus of “Love Song” is a veiled reference to Sara Bareilles’ frustration with her label. The rumor goes that they asked for a love song, so she wrote “Love Song.” In the chorus it says, “I’m not going to write you a love song, ’cause you asked for it, ’cause you need one.”

Today Show: Sara Bareilles "Brave" Performance, New Album & Solo Tour

Sara Bareilles came by the Today Show to talk about her new album Brave, her new solo tour and to perform her new song. (image credit: Entertainment Press,


In other words, Sara Bareilles’ first song ever inspired an urban legend. That takes some serious talent. This story was what first led me to become a fan, and whether it’s true or not, Sara Bareilles’ talent shines through on both singles. Now, the singer has a brand new album called Brave. She came by the Today Show April 26 2013 to talk about the new album and to perform her song from the album, “Brave.”

Sara Bareilles New Song “Brave”

Sara Bareilles’ new song “Brave” has a strong theme of empowerment. Bareilles said the song was inspired by a dear friend of hers that is struggling with coming out. She wanted to write a song that inspired everyone to be brave in their lives. She said she wanted everyone to feel empowered by the song.

Sara Bareilles Solo Tour

Sara Bareilles just started touring this week for a solo tour. She said it’s terrifying to perform by herself on stage.


“I’m asking people to be brave, so I’m doing it myself,” she said.

Today Show: Sara Bareilles “Brave” Performance

Sara Baraeilles was wonderful in her performance of “Brave.” She was sincere and clearly felt every single word of the song as it escaped her lips. She sat at the piano and played as she sang. The performance was pitch perfect and her vulnerability in the song shone through.

Having said all of that, though, the lyrics themselves fall flat. Yes, it’s a great message. But Sara Bareilles’ great strength has been her ability to tell a story in song. The first verse of “King of Anything,” for example, depicts two people sitting across from each other at a cafe. It’s easy to picture Sara Bareilles as the speaker of the song, staring out the window as the King of Anything tells her what to do. But “Brave” is different. “Brave” feels like Sara Bareilles, the singer, is telling me, the listener, to be brave. It’s a message directly to her audience. So the song feels a bit corny. I felt the same way about other empowerment songs, like Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Selena Gomez’s “Who Says?” The songs just feel cliche to me.

Nevertheless, Sara Bareilles still sounds amazing, so I’m sure the record will be great. I just wish “Brave” was a stronger song.


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