Today Show: Michael Buble “It’s a Beautiful Day” & To Be Loved Album


Michael Buble New Album To Be Loved

Michael Buble came by Today to guest co-host, talk about his new album To Be Loved and perform his song, “It’s a Beautiful Day.”

Today Show: Michael Buble Having Baby

Today Show: Michael Buble "It's a Beautiful Day" & To Be Loved Album

Michael Buble came by Today to guest co-host, perform his song “It’s a Beautiful Day” and talk about his new album, To Be Loved. (image credit: s_bukley /


Today showed a recent picture of Michael Buble’s wife, Luisana Lopilato, who is six months pregnant now. “Woo! God, she looks hot there,” Buble said. She really didn’t look pregnant at all in the photo, as she wore a bright red dress and stood with Michael Buble at some sort of event. He said that he felt the first kicks from the baby just recently and the baby goes crazy for his music.

Today Show: Michael Buble “It’s a Beautiful Day”

Michael Buble said that his song “It’s a Beautiful Day” is a revenge song. He said it’s different then most of his songs, because he usually writes love songs. But this time, he wanted to write something that gave people who have been dumped hope. Natalie Morales said that she didn’t think it would come off as badly to the woman who is walking out the door because it’s Michael Buble singing.

Michael Buble “It’s a Beautiful Day” Lyrics

“It’s a Beautiful Day” does sound a bit too happy to be getting at those darker emotions. In the song, he says, “When you said goodbye, my whole world shines.” It’s like the guy in the song was just waiting patiently for the girl to break up with him so that his world could shine. He goes on to say, “If I’m drinking, then I’m buying” and “even if it started raining, you won’t hear this boy complaining.” I mean, this guy is really happy about the breakup.


But in a world that already includes Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together,” why do we need another happy breakup song? I think the problem with “It’s a Beautiful Day” is that it enters into a false reality. “We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together” is a conversation. The girl in that song is talking to the guy she broke up with and then she talks to her friends. You believe the mentality because it’s placed into conversation.

Michael Buble, on the other hand, gives us this impression of a guy who is pumped to be done with the relationship. But why is he so happy? The only answer in the song seems to be because he can buy his own drinks and because the girl “can’t get by’ by herself. I’m just not believing it. Michael Buble should go back to lovey dovey songs. That’s when he’s at his best.

Today Show: Michael Buble “It’s A Beautiful Day” Performance

Of course, the performance was wonderful. Michael Buble is a great singer and he sang holding the microphone stand forward, like he was serenading his dance partner while dipping her toward the ground. I think it’s also worth noting that the drummer in the band had a lot of talent. It takes a lot of effort to make a viewer tear their eyes from the singer and look at the instrument players and more work still for the drummer to do it. I wonder if he’s with the Today band or if he came with Michael Buble? There was also a wonderful trumpet solo at the end.

But Michael Buble himself was too sincere, too into the notes of the song. It still sounds like a love song to me. A song like this needs a cocky charm, a wink-wink to the audience. Michael Buble might as well have been proposing to his girlfriend in the song.


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