Today Show: Jon Bon Jovi Selling NYC Home & New Kids on the Block Tour


Today Show: Jon Bon Jovi Puts NYC Home Up For Sale

A lot of new celebrity real estate has gone up on the market in the past couple weeks and one of the most talked about is Jon Bon Jovi’s New York City apartment in SoHo. Today real estate contributor, Barbara Corcoran, said the 7,500 square foot home is selling for $42 million, down from the $45 million it was originally listed at. She said the price may be a bit high for the apartment but she pointed out that it does have five bedrooms, three terraces and gorgeous views of the city.

Today Show: Larry David Selling Home For $15 Million

Larry David has also put his home on the market. He is selling his Pacific Palisades home for $15 million and Corcoran said it was a great price for the home, even though she wasn’t too keen on the inside of the house. She said the ceilings are unusually high which chops up the space and it made her feel small. But she did say this 10,000 square foot home is going to make you feel like you are in the English countryside, and she said the guest house in the back is probably her favorite part of the entire property.


Today Show: Jon Bon Jovi Selling NYC Home & New Kids on the Block Tour

The Today Show looked at some celebrity homes that went up for sale, like Jon Bon Jovi’s NYC home, and the New Kids on the Block performed their song “Remix.” (Shelly Wall /

Today Show: Cheryl Tiegs Selling Balinese-Style Home

Cheryl Tiegs has put her Balinese-style home up for sale and Corcoran loved every bit of the home. She said everything in the home is unique, the big ceilings create an intimate space and the one wall of windows in the dining room is a great feature. For only $12 million, Corcoran said you can have your own slice of heaven with this home.

Today Show: Joel Schumacher Selling Carpinteria Home

Joel Schumacher is selling his home in Carpinteria, California for $7.25 million. Corcoran said it looks like a ski resort because he was going for a rustic look with modern amenities. She said this is the most cozy home out of the four with lots of space available all around the house.


Today Show: New Kids On the Block Perform “Remix”

The New Kids on the Block have been back in music for the past five years but they are just now going on their biggest tour since their reunion tour.  They said they are back together for good now. All of them were able to work through issues in the past and they have all figured out how to balance their personal lives with their music careers.

They told the Today Show they have learned how to become older musicians but all their favorite memories will always be from when they were younger, traveling together on the tour bus. And if you think New Kids on the Block is the type of band who doesn’t even enjoy each other’s company, you would be wrong. Even Matt Lauer pointed out the entire time they were in the studio, without cameras on them, they were having a blast hanging out together.

The co-hosts even had the pleasure of listening to the band perform their new hit single, “Remix.”


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