Today Show: Hunter Hayes Performs “I Want Crazy” & “Wanted” Review


Hunter Hayes Starts Career at Age Nine, Advice for Danielle Bradbery

Today Show: Hunter Hayes Performs "I Want Crazy" & "Wanted" Review

Hunter Hayes is the swoon worthy country singer behind hit singles “I Want Crazy” and “Wanted.” Tween girls packed into the plaza for Hunter’s concert. Brad Camembert /

One the hottest new artists in country music isn’t all that new to the scene. Hunter Hayes has been performing since age nine. Today, the 21-year-old is an international sensation and has taken over the teenage heartthrob bracket. His first album, Hunter Hayes, brought teen girls out in droves, dragging their fathers behind them.


Hunter wrote on every song in his album and played over 30 instruments. He said that he wants every moment to be better than the last. Each song has to get better and each tour has to be bigger. He doesn’t seem intimidated by the challenge, but it gets him pumped up. He believes that if you put your heart and soul in it, you’ll be proud of your work.

As far as a long career, he’s only just beginning. He said he hasn’t learned all of the lessons, but he’s learning as he goes. Hayes told The Voice winner Danielle Bradbery, who he sang with on the finale this week, that she needs to enjoy every minute. She’s only 16 and Hunter said that it’s going to be a wild ride. She should take it as it comes and put her “fingerprint” on everything.

Shy behind the scenes, Hunter Hayes said the stage is where he blossoms. He’s trying to break out of the quiet mold, but he said he’s really “just weird.”


Hunter Hayes “I Want Crazy” & “Wanted” Performance Review

If I had to choose one person to listen to for the rest of my life, Hunter Hayes might just win. His song “I Want Crazy” has broken him out in the world of high energy country music, and then “Wanted” brings him back home to the epic country love songs. He writes the kind of music that women want to hear.

“Baby, I want to make you feel wanted,” “your beauty’s deeper than the makeup,” “I’m booking myself a one way flight, I’ve got to see the color in your eyes.” Swoon.


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