Today Show: 98 Degrees Performance Microphone & Summer Tour Announced

Today Show: 98 Degrees Summer Tour 2013

98 Degrees is back together for good and the Today Show gets a little credit for the reunion. Last year, 98 Degrees performed on the Today Show which was supposed to be a trial show for the group. Nick Lachey said right after the concert they all wanted to continue performing more so they have continued performing together since and have even recorded a new album, 2.0.

Today Show: 98 Degrees Performance Microphone & Summer Tour Announced

The Today Show talked with 98 Degrees about the decision to pursue their music career, their big summer tour coming up in 2013 and they performed “Microphone.”

A new album isn’t all they have going for them. The band is also going on a tour this summer with Boyz II Men and New Kids on the Block, with all the bands bringing new material on the road with them. They told the Today Show they are excited to go on tour with New Kids on the Block, saying they have fans that are similar.

So how do they please everyone with new fans wanting to hear the newer music while the older fans only want to hear songs that sound like their older material? The band said they have to do a balancing act when recording songs. They want to sound new and hip but they also want to give their older fans something to listen to without dragging their music back into the 1990s.

Today Show: 98 Degrees Performs “Microphone”

After talking about their upcoming tour, the guys took the stage to perform their new single, “Microphone.” I wouldn’t say I am a fan of 98 Degrees but their new single wasn’t too bad. It was everything you would expect. Lots of harmonized vocals, lots of two-step dance moves and some raunchy lyrics about women that they veil with some clever microphone metaphors.

Do you like their new song? I could see it being on the radio soon, if it isn’t already.

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