#Maroon5Today: Adam Levine The Voice Finale & Maroon 5 “Love Somebody”


Today Show: #Maroon5Today

As part of the Toyota Concert Series, Maroon 5 wrapped up a week in Rockefeller Plaza with a concert on an overcast Friday morning. They performed some of their hits, including “One More Night” and “Love Somebody.”

Today: Maroon 5 Performs “One More Night”

#Maroon5Today: Adam Levine The Voice Finale & Maroon 5 "Love Somebody"

Today’s summer concert featured Maroon 5 and an interview with lead singer Adam Levine, a coach on NBC’s The Voice. Overexposed has produced there #1 hits. (Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)


They started their set with the song “One More Night,” and the assembled crowd bopped along to the song. Maybe it was the weather or the early hours, but lead singer Adam Levine seemed to be a little off-key this morning.

For at least the entire last decade, Maroon 5 has been churning out Top 40 hits, filling a niche with catchy tunes, some of which are more enduring than others.

Today Show: Adam Levine, The Voice & Maroon 5

But it really seems as if Adam Levine’s perch as a judge on NBC’s The Voice has really helped to catapult the band (and Levine’s career as an entertainer; his acting resume includes a brief stint on American Horror Story: Asylum) to new heights.


In a brilliant bit of corporate synergy, Maroon 5 booked the Today concert on the Friday just days before The Voice has its season finale, on June 17 and 18.

Today Show: Adam Levine Maroon 5

Matt Lauer said that Maroon 5 has been dubbed “powerhouses of pop music,” and their latest release, Overexposed, has three #1 hits. But I dare you to name one other member of the band.

Maroon 5 goes back to Levine’s childhood; he met one of his bandmates in seventh grade. “It really is hard to last in this business,” he said.

Apparently, Adam Levine’s bandmates aren’t shy about keeping their frontman’s ego in check.

Today: Maroon 5 Performs “Love Somebody”

Maroon 5 also performed their newest single, “Love Somebody,” as everyone in the plaza recorded the experience on their mobile phones. There’s at least an authenticity to Levine’s persona.

He probably does have an ego, but he seems to have the self-awareness to realize that the cards have gone in his favor over the years. Part of me wonders what the other bandmates think about the career roller coaster, but I guess they are cashing in as well, so they probably don’t have much to complain about.


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