Today: The Big Wedding Review & Black and White Spring Fashion Trend


Today Show: Pain & Gain With Mark Wahlberg

The Today Show talked to the experts to find out what is new and what’s in. First up was the box office. What’s coming out this weekend? Dave Carter, the host of Weekend Ticket on Fandango, came by April 26 2013 to talk about the box office. He talked about Mark Wahlberg‘s new film Pain & Gainabout three bodybuilders who go on a crime spree in Miami in the 1990s. It’s based on a true story. There’s a scene where one of the characters is barbecuing a dead man’s severed hand and the screen freezes and reminds you that this is still a true story.

The Big Wedding: Full Of Great Actors

Today: The Big Wedding Review & Black and White Spring Fashion Trend

The black and white trend looks so good, you could probably go ahead and fill your closet with it. There’s a reason every woman owns a black dress and every man owns a black suit. They look good for every occasion.


Then there’s The Big Wedding, with four Oscar winners including Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. Topher Grace, Amanda Seyfried and Katherine Heigl are also in it. Dave Carter called it a “fun, mindless comedy” which is exactly what it looks like. I haven’t seen it, but the movie kind of looks like they took every wedding-themed romantic comedy trope there is and piled them all on top of each other. Plus, its title is way too similar to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. But anyway, the premise is this: Robert De Niro is married to Susan Sarandon, but then for some reason there’s some big wedding coming up and he has to pretend to be married to his ex-wife, Diane Keaton. So his wife Susan Sarandon pretends to be his mistress. Why does everyone agree to this? Who knows? The important part is, if you keep watching and accept this absurd premise, hilarity will ensue. And if Diane Keaton’s appearance on Ellen recently is any indication, then there will definitely be at least a few laughs.

Today Show: Matthew McConaughey In Mud

Matthew McConaughey is in the new film Mud. Dave Carter said it’s “definitely worth your time to seek it out.” McConaughey plays a man living on an island who befriends two boys. Reese Witherspoon is in the film, too, but she hasn’t been able to do much press for it due to her recent arrest.

Rhianna: 10 Billboard Number Ones

Rhianna now has 10 Billboard number one hits on pop radio. She is now the number one artist of all time on pop radio. The list of her number one hits goes from 2006, starting with “SOS” all the way to her recent “Stay.” But it doesn’t include “Umbrella,” even though that song is like Rhianna’s “Billie Jean.” Even if you’ve never intentionally heard a Rhianna song in your life, you know “Umbrella,” if only because of Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Morrison’s delightful Glee mash-up of it with “Singing In the Rain.” No one on Today speculated on why “Umbrella” wasn’t on that list. Maybe it was a slow burner that took time for people to love? I’m really not sure. All I remember is that the song was everywhere when it came out.


Today Show: Liliana Vasquez Fashion Tips

Our fashionista friend Liliana Vasquez, who was on the show yesterday, stopped by again to talk about the latest spring fashions. Black and white is an insanely popular trend this season. Liliana Vasquez said it’s great because anyone can do this trend. Everyone looks good in black and white. She showed off dresses, shoes, purses and scarves on a table, all utilizing black and white stripes.

Jungle and tropical prints are also very popular this season. No one said this, but I’m willing to bet this trend is more popular out west where it’s actually hot outside. Where I am in Michigan, it was just snowing earlier this week. I think people would look silly in a green Hawaiian-style blouse, the kind that Juliana Vasquez showed off on the show. But it is getting warmer out and if you’re feeling confident and good about it Liliana Vasquez recommended the style.

But if you are in a colder climate, there’s a fashion for you this season. It’s the bomber jacket. She showed off a bright yellow awesome-looking jacket from Forever 21, and they are under $25.


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