Today: Suddenly Solo Review By Hal Spielman & Seniors Dating Advice


Today Show: The 86-Year-Old Love Guru, Hal Spielman

Men and women over 55 are the fastest-growing demographic for online dating sites, but one 86-year-old man, Hal Spielman, is adding a slightly more personal touch to what online dating sites turn into a cold set of data sheets and check boxes and giving the senior set advice on how to have fulfilling relationships, in more ways than you might think.

Today Show: Hal Spielman Suddenly Solo & Dating Advice For Seniors

Hal Spielman, the 86-year-old love guru, has plenty of dating advice for seniors.


Hal Spielman lost his wife to breast cancer five years ago, and he was lost and confused without her, realizing just how much he depended on his late wife in his everyday life. He then realized that he probably wasn’t the only one experiencing this problem.

Today Show: Suddenly Solo Dating Tips

So he drew on his past profession as a marketer, teamed up with his writing friend, Mark Silbert, and surveyed 600 older men and women. He took his findings and wrote a book, Suddenly Solo, started a website, and now hosts a radio show, where he gives seniors dating advice.

From the conversations going on on his website, Hal Spielman has been able to come to a lot of conclusions. For example, men said they were looking to sleep with a woman after three dates, while a woman said she would after five. 86 percent percent of women even carry prophylactics in their purses. He said to not think about this too much, though, as passionate kissing will help you gauge when the time is right.


Today Show: Seniors Online Dating

If you’re worried about your body image as a senior, you don’t really have to worry about that, said Hal. Only 20 percent of men and six percent of women said they take note of the body on the first date. The focus is on the eyes, face, and smile.

While the site is aimed at men aged over 55, the site is frequented by quite a few women as well.

Speaking of older dating, it looks like Martha Stewart will be back on Monday, June 3, to tell us how her online dating experiment went.


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