Today Show: Why Kids Learn to Swim & Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Review


Today Show: Sunscreen Labeling Information

Summer officially starts on June 21, but the heat and sun are already powerful across the country. There are new labels coming out for all sunscreens and Today is decoding the new lingo you need to be aware of.

The FDA requires that sunscreens have the words “broad spectrum” on their labels. This means that they protect from UVA and UVB rays, and the label will say SPF 15 or higher. You want a broad spectrum sunscreen. Dermatologists say that you need to use an SPF broad spectrum sunscreen every day. No matter what skin type or ethnicity, you need to be protecting your skin. You can get moisturizing, sensitive skin, and oil-free sunscreens, so there is no excuse to skip it.


Today: Broad Spectrum & Water Resistant Sunscreen

Today Show: Why Kids Learn to Swim & Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Review

It’s important to keep your family safe in the sun and in the pool. Teach kids to swim and use a broad spectrum sunscreen everyday!

Kids need at least an SPF 30 and no-tear formula. There is nothing more annoying that getting stingy, sticky sunscreen in your eyes when you’re trying to enjoy the pool. Active people and athletes need to look for water resistant, because waterproof does not exist. The amount of time the sunscreen is resistant is right on the label, usually between 40 and 80 minutes. You should reapply sunscreen often throughout the day.

The most important thing to remember, dermatologists say, is to get out of the sun when you can. Staying in the heat and direct sunlight all day is not healthy for many reasons, including dehydration and sun poisoning. Get a cute umbrella or sun hat to protect yourself, and take breaks from sunbathing by the pool.


Today: Water Safety & Why You Should Teach Kids to Swim

10 people drown in the U.S. every day and two of those are kids. Being safe in the pool, swimming with a buddy or life guard present, and learning what to do in an emergency can help keep everyone safe this summer. Swim lessons can reduce the drowning risk by 88% and Olympic swimmer Janet Evans said that we should teach kids to swim like we put them in a car seat. It’s just smart safety.

You should also know the depth of the water and don’t use water wings on small children. Water wings, said Evans, give kids a false sense of security about the water. Should they fall in without the wings on, which happens, then they don’t have a feel for the water. Also, don’t try to rescue someone if you can’t swim. That just puts you and the victim in more danger.

Today Show: Tips For Kids Pool Safety

Janet Evans gave the two most important tips for kids to learn when swimming. First, learn to go underwater and blow bubbles, this gets them comfortable with being underwater and gives them a feel for the water. Second, teach them to float on their backs. Should they fall in, they can flip over and float until help arrives.


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