Today Show: Unexpected Uses For Everyday Items & Using Coffee Filters


Today Show: Unexpected Uses For Everyday Items

Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Jason Kennedy loosened up and got a little silly April 29 2013, as they showed off unexpected uses for everyday items. First up was putting coffee grounds into pantyhose to eliminate odors. I don’t know how much coffee it takes to fill pantyhose, but it seems like an awful lot. Jason Kennedy told the anchors he brought the pantyhose used on the show the night before. “It’s not awkward or anything!” Jason Kennedy declared, making it awkward.

Use the coffee ground-filled pantyhose in your car to remove odors like cigarette smoke. Jason Kennedy said that the pantyhose won’t make the car smell like coffee though, even though it seems like it would. He said the pantyhose just removes odors and doesn’t add to them. It’s not clear why this works. Maybe cigarette smoke is drawn to pantyhose? Or…coffee grounds? Scientists should look into that.


Today Show: Unexpected Uses For Everyday Items & Using Coffee Filters

Coffee filters aren’t just for coffee anymore. Apparently, they can also remove odors, wash fruit and hold tacos. Coffee filters are the superheros of your kitchen cabinet.

Use Coffee Filters As Taco Holders

Are you tired of the contents of your taco falling out the second you put down your taco? Well, then, I have two questions for you: why did you put your taco down? And why would anyone be so upset about this that they’d try this next whacky idea?

Because Today is apparently overstocked on coffee supplies, they suggested putting your taco in a coffee filter. “Make sure you move it, you don’t want to eat the coffee filter,” Jason Kennedy said. This is good advice. Coffee filters are for holding tacos, not for adding flavor to them! Although Al Roker did tell us that coffee filters are a good source of fiber.


In case you’re curious, taco fillings falling out is such a huge problem in the everyday dining experience that someone actually made a product specifically designed to stop it from happening called the taco stand.

Getting Rid Of All Those Odors With Coffee Filters

Do you still have even more coffee filters laying around that you just don’t know what to do with? Don’t worry. Just put some baking soda in a coffee filter, tie it at the top with a rubber band or bread tie, and dip it in water. Now you’ve got another thing you can use to remove odors! Today recommended putting it in your sneaker. So if your sneakers are really smelly, maybe give this a try.

Washing Fruit With Baking Soda and Coffee Filters

Hopefully by now, you’re really glad you bought that industrial-sized jumbo pack of coffee supplies, because there’s more coffee filter action! Are you tired of washing fruit with plain old water? Well, good!

Just pour baking soda into a coffee filter, dip a sponge in and rub it all over your grapes, apples and tomatoes. Then, rinse it with water. Are you wondering why you didn’t just skip those steps and just use water? I am, too.

Egg Whites Can Be Used As Glue

Natalie Morales told us that the Greeks and the Romans used egg whites as glue. She demonstrated it by gluing pictures of Al Roker to a board. This led to jokes about gluing bacon and using egg whites to glue fig leaves to “certain parts.”

But what do you do with all those egg shells? Should you compost them? No! You should break out the mortar and the pestle and grind the egg shells into dust. Why? I’m not sure, and neither were the anchors. Both Jason Kennedy and Al Roker asked a lot of questions of Natalie Morales, as though this was the first time they’d ever heard of egg shell grinding. I’m wondering if any of the anchors were given instruction on this segment, or if a producer just threw them into this situation to save time. The anchors spent most of the rest of the segment laughing.

Al Roker didn’t think you could grind egg shells into dust. He picked up the “after” bowl, which had the dust-like egg shells all ground up and wondered aloud how it happened. “I bet if you put it in a coffee grinder, you would probably get that,” Natalie Morales said. Again with the coffee? Does no one at Today actually drink coffee?

Painting Nails With Egg Shells

Okay, so now you’ve got your egg shell dust. What’s the next step? You mix it with your nail polish. It’s supposed to be good for nails…or something? This was a weird segment. Natalie Morales brushed some onto Jason’s nails. “Is this a winter color?” Jason asked. His nail looked like someone glued egg shells to it. Which, essentially, is exactly what happened.

Morales told us that if we send in some other ideas for everyday items to Today, they might show them on Take 3 tomorrow.

“But maybe not the egg shell one,” Morales said. The segment ended with Morales painting Jason’s other nails.


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