Today Show: Thanksgiving Kids Table Etiquette & Should I Bring A Date?


By Alison Yunker

Today Show: Thanksgiving Etiquette with Anna Post

While the anchors of the Today Show are preparing for Thursday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Anna Post, co-author of Emily Post’s Etiquette: 18th Edition, and great-great-granddaughter of famed etiquette columnist and author Emily Post, stopped by to give some tips on the dos and don’ts for Thanksgiving dinner.


Today Show: Thanksgiving Dinner Etiquette

Today Show: Thanksgiving Kids Table Etiquette & Should I Bring A Date?

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without great company, a delicious meal and proper manners, according to the etiquette expert herself, Emily Post.

When attending Thanksgiving at another person’s home, Anna said bringing food is a must. However, ask the host beforehand what they need or would suggest you bring. Also, if you have any dietary restrictions, always come prepared just in case the host has overlooked that aspect of the meal. For hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, Anna suggests a buffet-style setting in order to accommodate for guests’ gifts of food in addition to the prepared meal.

Today Show: Thanksgiving Kids Table Etiquette

During the etiquette discussion, Anna brought up the idea of having a separate table during dinner for the children in attendance. The etiquette expert suggests having a kids’ table, but mixing in a few adults with the children, and likewise mixing some of the older children with the adults at the dining table.


Today Show: Sick Relatives Thanksgiving Etiquette

Another situation Anna discussed dealt with relatives or guests that are under the weather or have children who are sick for the holiday. Should these relatives be uninvited to Thanksgiving dinner?

Matt Lauer suggested expressing to this relative excitement for seeing their family at Christmas as a positive solution to the situation. Anna agreed, stating that the host should not want to get other guests sick and the guest, in turn, does not want to be the one to make everyone fall ill during the holidays.

Today Show: Should I Bring a Date To Thanksgiving Dinner?

Introducing a new significant other to the family is stressful enough, especially when tensions are high during the holiday season. However, Anna suggests bringing a new significant other to Thanksgiving dinner if that person is truly significant in your life. Matt Lauer agreed, sharing a true Thanksgiving sentiment, “Thanksgiving is about bringing people who need a place to go.”


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