Today Show: Stay-At-Home Moms Job Search Advice With Stefanie Ziev


By Brittany Spear

Today Show & Stefanie Ziev: Mothers In The Workforce

In today’s world, many women who have spent time as stay at home mothers want to merge back into the workforce, but find that transition to be difficult. They’ve been out of the game for some period of time. That’s where Stefanie Ziev, life coach, comes in.


The Today Show brought Stefanie Ziev on to the show to talk about how she helps mothers transition back into the work force, and how she gets these mothers going in that transition, offering expert advice. To engage with Stefanie, Tamron Hall pulled up a series of video questions from several stay at home mothers for Stefanie to answer.

Today Show: Selling Your Job Skills

Today Show: Stay-At-Home Moms Job Search Advice With Stephanie Ziev

Life coach Stefanie Ziev shared job search advice with stay-at-home moms who are interested in re-entering the workforce and advancing their careers.

The first woman asked Stefanie for advice on putting her best foot forward while re-entering the job market, particularly in marketing herself to various jobs. Stefanie said that these mothers have been “the CEOs of a household for a long time” and that this position comes with the acquisition of a variety of skills such as problem solving and time management.


Stefanie stressed that these skills are crucial in the job market and that these women have to own the difficulty and success of the work that they have been doing in their own home. They have not been sitting idly, and they can showcase this through examples of the operations of running a home.

Today Show: Self-Appreciation and Confidence

After having spent so much time focusing on her husband and her children, a mother from Virginia asked if it was okay to finally put herself first. What Stefanie Ziev found important to address here was that this conversation needed to shift from being framed as “selfish” to being “caring for ourselves.”

Part of being a mother is being a role model for your children and showing by example how they should try to live. By investing in yourself, you give your children someone to look up to and invest in.

Today Show: Balancing the Scales of Home and Work

Many women have trouble committing to both work and their home life, afraid of leaving one on the back burner and not giving it the attention it deserves. Stefanie Ziev addressed this concern by suggesting that women become 100% engaged in whatever activity they are currently doing, whether it is home or work.

By being fully in the present, these women are doing their best and giving a conscious effort to each place. Women in these positions put too much pressure on themselves to do it all, and need to be able to step back and understand that their effort is the most important. Stefanie summarized this with, “Don’t compare and despair.”

Today Show: Finding Your Passion

Finding a new purpose in life can be very difficult after you have invested so much time into rearing your children. One woman asked Stefanie about how she could find a new purpose in her life, and Stefanie suggested that women in these positions needed to find a new passion.

One way of going about this search is to start a journal, recording everything that makes you smile, that makes you cry, or that makes you joyful. Your new purpose lies in whatever sparks the most passion and emotion.


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