Today Show: Senator Rob Portman Changes Stance on Gay Marriage


Today Show: Pope Francis, The People’s Pope

The Today Show had a lot of news stories to talk about with the Today Show Professionals and the first one they wanted to talk about was Pope Francis being such a people’s Pope. Many people are saying they like him already because of his humility and authenticity. Matt Lauer pointed out that the Pope paid his own bills at the hotel he was staying at before being elected Pope and he was driving in a minivan instead of the official vehicle of the Pope this past weekend.

Is he taking it too far? Are there security precautions he needs to take? Star Jones said she likes the new Pope but she said he is going to have to get used to security precautions. She applauded his efforts at being so accessible to the people but said he shouldn’t be on public transportation anytime soon. Donny Deutsch didn’t really care about the Pope mingling with the people. He said there are big issues within the church that need to be discussed and he wants to see those worked out as soon as possible.


Dr. Nancy Snyderman went a little deeper than the other Professionals, saying she loves the traditions of the Catholic church, but she wants to see the Pope talk about many of the issues, such as birth control, in a more civilized way.

Today Show: Senator Rob Portman Changes Stance on Gay Marriage

The Today Show Professionals talked about the Pope trying to be too much of a people’s Pope and about Sen. Rob Portman changing his stance on gay marriage.

Today Show: Senator Rob Portman Changes Stance On Gay Marriage

Sen. Rob Portman was on the short list for the running mate of Mitt Romney during the last election, which makes it even more surprising that he has changed his stance on gay marriage two years after his son came out as being gay.


Dr. Snyderman said it is similar to Barry Goldwater. Goldwater, a Republican, came out as saying he wanted everyone to be able to marry after his nephew came out as gay, although he had always said marriage should only be between a man a woman. “Once it is in the family, the tolerance looks different,” Dr. Snyderman said.

Deutsch said he likes to ask people if they are for torture and waterboarding, to which everyone says no. But when he asks them if they are for torture and waterboarding if it can save the life of their child, then the person is all for it. He said it illustrates how views can change when it comes down to family.

Star Jones thought it should come down to the constitution. She said as a Christian your faith is founded in God, but when you are a lawmaker, you should be looking to the constitution and making laws based on the constitution.

Today Show: Giorgos Katisdis Nazi Salute At Soccer Game

A Greek national soccer player, Giorgos Katisidis, has been banned for life from playing soccer in the nation after he gave a Nazi salute to the crowd to celebrate a goal he scored. Katisidis has been pleading ignorance to what the salute meant saying he didn’t know. He also changed his story saying he was pointing to a friend in the crowd after scoring the goal.

Star Jones said at 20-years-old, Katisidis shouldn’t be pleading ignorance. Dr. Snyderman on the other hand thought a life ban at the age of 20 was a very serious consequence. It could ruin everything he has worked for. She even pointed out that Prince Henry was a Nazi for Halloween and the media let him slide pretty easily.

Donny Deutsch said he didn’t think Katisidis knew what he was doing. He continued saying the one thing he has learned from this story is that our youth need to be better educated.

Today Show: Kate Middleton Hoping For Baby Boy

Kate Middleton has not revealed the gender of her baby but she has mentioned she does want a baby boy. Is that wrong to say to someone? Should a parent want one gender over the other?

None of the Professionals thought it was wrong to want a certain gender baby. Deutsch said no matter what gender the baby is, the mother is always going to love it unconditionally.


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