Today Show: Pizza Delivered to Airplane & Why Not to Give Out Zip Code


Today Show: Do Not Give Out Your Zip Code

Has a cashier ever asked for your zip code after you purchased something from them at the store? Did you give it to the person? According to the founder of TraceSecurity, Peter Stewart, you should not be giving your zip to anyone. Stewart said merchants are getting craftier. When they ask you for your zip code, they use it along with your full name to find your address, email address and other information using databases on the internet. Sometimes they also take this information and sell it to a third party. He said the company or third party company uses the information to put your name on mailing lists.

“The reality of it is if you didn’t sign up for a mailing list, then you shouldn’t be on one,” Stewart said.


Today Show: Pizza Delivered to Airplane & Why Not to Give Out Zip Code

The Today Show talked with an expert about why they should not give out their zip code and they talked with the passengers of a plane who had pizza delivered.

Stewart said it is safe to put your zip code in at the gas pump because it is simply trying to authorize your card, also pointing out the only states that have outlawed businesses from asking for a zip code are Massachusetts and California.

Stewart said the final way the business will try and get your information is by asking to send you emails. He said you can be sure you are going to be on a mailing list if a business asks to send you your receipt in an email. And those check boxes on the internet asking if a company can send you a newsletter or special offers, Stewart said not to check the box. You are just going to be on yet another mailing list.


When the Today Show contacted the National Retail Federation they wrote a letter saying they collect the information so the can accurately customize their advertising to fit the needs and wants of their consumers.

Today Show: Pizza Delivery To Grounded Plane

Even before spring officially started tornado threats had been grounding airplanes in the south, but for a few passengers getting grounded was not that bad.

When a plane flying from Boston to Atlanta was forced to fly to Tennessee to land after circling the runway for hours, passengers were expectantly a bit grumpy and sitting on the tarmac for over three hours was not making matters better. But then something strange happened. A pizza delivery van pulled up with 30 pizzas for the grounded passengers.

Although none of the passengers know who made the call for the special delivery, many of them are pretty sure it was the captain of the plane.


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