Today Show: NYC Dads Group Review, Expecting Fathers & Camo Baby Bjorn


Today Show: What Can Men Expect When Expecting?

Jenna Hager Bush is expecting the birth of her child to happen in the next few months and she thinks she is ready for her baby to be born. But what about her husband Henry? Is he going to be ready? Pregnancy is like a long nine month waiting game for expecting fathers and it can be a time of extreme anxiety and uncertainty for any expecting father.

To help get a sense of what her husband is going to be going through she talked with Anthony Anderson, who plays a stay-at-home father on the show Gary and also has two kids of his own. Anderson told her Henry is going to be asking a lot of questions. Like how to hold it correctly and how to feed it the right way. He also said Henry is going to be making a lot of mistakes. Anderson admitted he forgot to feed his child one time, noting he didn’t even cry when he was hungry. But his best advice for Henry was not to make Jenna Hager Bush mad.


Today Show: NYC Dads Group Review, Expecting Fathers & Camo Baby Bjorn

The Today Show went to a new dad bootcamp to see what they would be in for during a wife’s pregnancy and they looked at some baby products.

“Never get on a pregnant woman’s bad side, especially late in the pregnancy,” Anderson said. “They get evil.”

Today Show: NYC Dads Group For Expecting Fathers

In an effort to do more than just give him advice, Jenna Bush Hager sent her reluctant husband to the NYC Dads Group to learn a few things about expecting a child. The NYC Dads Group teaches expectant fathers how to swaddle a child, how to change diapers and how to be a great dad overall. But the best part about the whole experience is the use of real babies (They didn’t say where they got these babies on loan from though).


The one thing they can’t teach a father is how much he is going to love his child. One father in the group, Louis, told Jenna the only thing he is looking forward to is getting to see his baby for the first time.

As for Henry, he seems like he is on the right track to being a good father. “It is a huge responsibility and beginning this process has been a huge shift in the way I think,” he said.

Today Show: Best Stay-at-Home Dad Baby Gear

With more and more stay-at-home fathers taking care of the kids while the mother works, the Today Show had a few items every father needs to pick up:

Today Show co-host David Gregory even gave his best advice for holding a baby. He told all new fathers to make sure they hold the child’s leg when cradling them just in case they drop the baby. Then they still have a leg to hold on to.

P.s. that is not real advice. Please don’t do that with a baby. He was kidding.


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