Today Show: Motherhood Comes Naturally Review & Handling Kid Tantrums


Today Show: Jill Smokler, Motherhood Comes Naturally Review

Motherhood is not the easiest job in the world. Some might argue that is actually the hardest job in the world. Everyone except for Jill Smokler that is.

Smokler started her blog Scary Mommy about five years ago and it has since ballooned into a parenting website where mothers share parenting tips, guest contributors report on parenting topics and forums allow mother to connect with each other. Smokler, who also authored Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies) said at that point she didn’t mean to start a parenting community, it just happened.


Today Show: Jill Smokler Hates the Tooth Fairy

Hoda Kotb, who was filling in for Savannah Guthrie today, said her favorite part about the book, the part that made her laugh out loud the most, was Smokler’s idea about the tooth fairy.

Today Show: Motherhood Comes Naturally Review & Handling Kid Tantrums

The Today Show talked with the author of Motherhood Comes Naturally, Jill Smokler, about tantrums, parenting alone and how to make children independent.

Smokler hates the tooth fairy. She said the idea of having this lie and giving children money for a lie is ridiculous. She said she doesn’t have time to rummage around a dark room to find a pillow where she has to leave money. She will be caught and she hopes it happens soon because she doesn’t want to keep up the charade.


Today Show: Jill Smokler Hates Goldfish Too

Jill Smokler doesn’t like goldfish either. At least she doesn’t like them when she doesn’t know they are going to become a new pet. Why would someone be allowed to bring home a goldfish from a carnival, asked Smokler. She said she doesn’t want a new pet goldfish but for some reason her child brought one home. She wants all moms to stop allowing this to happen. No kid should be given the permission to bring home a pet because they went to a carnival.

Today Show: Jill Smokler Parenting Advice

Besides writing a book about parenting and founding a parenting website, Smokler is also the mother of three children all under the age of nine. But she doesn’t claim to be a parenting genius. She said she gets all her advice from her website and from other parents. Parenting genius or not, the Today Show had some parenting questions from the audience they wanted Smokler to answer.

My kids are always on Facebook. How can I get them to be a part of the family again? – Smokler said sometimes you just need to take the iPad away and make them spend time with you. She added that it will not be easy.

Is it okay to leave the kids somewhere when you go on vacation? – Smokler said the kids don’t have to go everywhere with you. Leave them at home for vacation or take them if you want some family time.

What should I do about my child watching commercials on TV for scary movies and then getting scared to sleep at night? – Smokler said to limit the channels they can watch or use DVR so they can only watch the shows you allow them to watch.

How should I handle a public tantrum? Let it go on or give them my iPhone so they are quiet? – Smokler said it goes both ways. She said sometimes you need to let the tantrum go while other times you just need the child to quiet down. Pick your battles.

My son is going to an out-of-state college and he is not independent. How can I make him independent? – Smokler advised not doing laundry anymore. He will start doing his own when he smells bad.

Smokler said her one bit of advice for every mother is to have a sense of humor. She said it will make everything much easier.


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