Today Show: Most Shopping Sale Days in February & Shopping Psychology


Today Show: Shopping Psychology

The Today Show wants their viewers to always get the best deals so they called on the editor of Lucky magazine, Lori Bergamotto, to help them figure out shopping psychology and get the best deals in the store.

Today Show: Most Shopping Sale Days In February

The first advice Bergamotto had was head to the mall right now. She told the Today Show research has shown the best time to shop is in the month of February because 15 of the top 20 best sale days are in February. Although you may not find the 60 to 70 percent off you may have in the past, Bergamotto said anything between 30 to 50 percent off is a bargain.


Today Show: Don’t Buy Anything On a Mannequin

Today Show: Most Shopping Sale Days in February & Shopping Psychology

Lori Bergamotto showed the Today Show how to understand shopping psychology and she gave out her advice for getting the best deals at any store.

Bergamotto said the biggest mistake people make is buying clothes they see on a mannequin. Do not snatch up displays because the store has put them there to entice you with bright colors and the hottest fashion but none of the items are on sale.

Today Show: “Just In” Items Full Price

Shopping psychology has shown people shop in a counter clockwise direction which is why they have signs around the store that say “Just In” or “Right Off the Runway,” – ploys used to try to entice you. Bergamotto said it is best to stay away from those as well because they are full price.


Today Show: Difference Between Sales and Promos

You might find a sign in the store that says “Buy One Get One Half Off,” which may seem like a good deal, but Bergamotto said to stay away from these as well. A promo, something offering to give half price after you buy something full price, is different than a sale, where everything has a marked down price. She explained a promo is not always a great deal because you are paying full price and then paying half price for a shirt you probably didn’t want and you only save a few bucks.

Today Show: Sale Rack Advice

The sale rack is the area where the best deals can be found. Bergamotto said the sale rack is usually hidden in the back of the store and you can expect it to be full of new items every Thursday when the stores gear up for a big weekend. She said the one thing to watch for is making sure the item you are buying is on sale. Some sales only apply to certain items.

Today Show: How To Purchase the Right Jeans

Many stores will stock up on jeans because studies have shown the average American woman has seven pairs of jeans and 30 percent of women won’t go up a size just to get a pair of jeans they like. Stores also put their jeans near the fitting rooms in the hopes of women continually trying on more and more jeans until they buy something. Stores also know if a woman finds a pair of jeans she likes, she is going to buy more than one pair and she is going to buy them in a variety of colors, another reason jeans are so well-stocked.

Today Show: Don’t Buy From the Cash Wrap

Cash wraps are always by fitting rooms and right by the register because stores hope women are going to grab something extra on their way out but Bergamotto said to resist the temptation. All the items in the cash wrap are full price and are only there to catch your eye.


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