Today Show: Martha Stewart Oscar Party Ideas & Edible Glitter Review


Today Show: Martha Stewart Oscar Party Advice

Who else would you turn to besides Martha Stewart when you have an Oscar party to throw and don’t know how to make it fabulous? The answer is no one. Turning to someone other than Martha Stewart when you have a party to throw is like turning to Al Roker when you need to learn how to ski.

Anyways, Martha Stewart said she is going with a gold theme at her Oscar party and she reminded everyone the Oscars are not just about the awards but also about the delicious food you serve and the great times everyone can have.


Today Show: Martha Stewart Oscar Party Ideas & Edible Glitter Review

The Today Show learned how to spice up their Oscar party with Martha Stewart’s advice about gold painted glasses, edible glitter and lots of gold stars. (kai hecker /

Martha Stewart: Gold Painted Glasses

To help class up the party, Stewart suggested buying some permanent, dishwasher proof gold paint from a craft store as well as some cheap but nice looking glassware. Next, pour some of the gold paint in a bowl and dip your glass in the bowl covering some of the outside of the glass. Then, simply hang the glass from a chair or broomstick using some wire to let it dry.

Although the paint Martha Stewart used on the show did not need to be baked on, some paint does need to be put in the oven. Make sure to read the instructions on the gold paint bottle first.


Martha Stewart: Gold Paper Wrapped Candle Holders

You know the plastic that comes wrapped around bouquets of flowers? Martha Stewart said to save those all the time because they are perfect for making candle holders. Simply wrap the plastic in a cylinder shape, tape it so it stays in shape and tape gold paper around the plastic. Now place a candle inside the cylinder and you have a new candle holder.

Today Show: Edible Glitter Review

Martha Stewart said the newest party favor she has been using often is a product called edible glitter. She suggested using it as a topping for the glassware like salt might be used for a margarita. Simply wet the rim of the glass with water and dip it in the edible glitter.


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