Today Show Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Breakfast In Bed Tips


Today Show: Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Natalie Morales and Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush talked to Meredith St. Clair, contributor to, who came by Today to talk about some last minute Mother’s Day ideas. If you haven’t thought of a Mother’s Day gift yet, what are you waiting for? Mother’s Day is Sunday. It’s time to get going!

Today Show Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas & Breakfast In Bed Tips

Meredith St. Clair had a lot of great last minute ideas for Mother’s Day, but I don’t think anything beats the old standby of flowers. If you’re a little kid, you can always get away with flowers.


Williams-Sonoma Pancake Molds Review

What mom doesn’t love breakfast in bed? Meredith St. Clair suggested some great molds from Williams-Sonoma in the shape of your favorite Sesame Street characters to use on the pancakes. She also suggested adding a mimosa, which I thought was a little crazy, but I guess Mother’s Day is a good excuse to break out the bubbly right after waking up. Paper Source also has a do it yourself daisy making kit that she thought would be fun to do with the kids and add a little friendly color to the breakfast tray.

52 Things We Love About Mom Gift Idea

Another idea for the kids is to have your kids write down 52 things they love about their mom and then write them down on brightly colored strips of paper, which you can put in a vase like flowers. Every week during the year, the mom gets to pull one and discover what her family loves about her.

Tea Light Photo Lanterns

Here’s another DIY project: print out your family photos on vellum horizontally and wrap it around a clear glass vase. Then, add a tea light and let your family photos shine!


Time Out Basket For Mom

Another idea from Meredith St. Clair was making a time out basket for mom. Basically, you load up a basket with everything mom enjoys and then send her on a “time out” where she can go enjoy them. Or, alternatively, whenever she wants to take the time out, she’s got a whole basket full of things to do.

Conversations To Keep Recordable Books

Meredith St. Clair also recommended Conversations To Keep Recordable Books. Children’s voices change so quickly that it’s nice to record them. These books have questions the kids can answer and then the mom can hear what they sounded like as children forever.


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