Today: Kitten Heels Trend, Low Heel & Crashcourse By Nine West Review


Today Show: The Kitten Heel Is Back

Women tired of coming home every day in need of a foot massage, all for the sake of fashion, can breathe a sigh of relief.  Luckily for the them, low is hot this season. The hottest shoes for spring are now the kitten heel. Valentino, Givenchy, and Pierre Hardy have all designed a kitten heel for this spring. At the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe department, one to two inch heels are abundant. Different patterns and patterns, studs and no studs, and some exotic details – there really is every flavor of this new trend that one can imagine.

Today Show: Return of The Low Heel

Today: Kitten Heels Trend, Low Heel & Crashcourse By Nine West Review

The low heel is back!


It seems that there is finally a trend out there that women can appreciate. A passerby that the crew interviewed had nothing but good things to say about this new fashion trend: “[I’m] all about those low high heels,” she said. “They make me feel less like a giant,” said another woman. Fashion trends are not always designed with utility and comfort in mind, but fashion experts are quickly appreciating how functional and simultaneously stylish this new trend is proving to be.

Today Show: Chassie Post & Running In Heels

Chassie Post, the lifestyle editor for, came on the show to echo the praises that other stylists have been singing. “These low to mid heels are sensible yet still sassy, and I’m a total convert.”

For men that were afraid of women that can run in heels, prepare to face an entirely new threat: the mid/low heel. Chassie spent a minute or so talking about how she actually jogged to the Today Show this morning wearing some mid heels – and it didn’t look like she was kidding.


Today Show: Sarah Jessica Parker Kitten Heels

After talking about how even Sarah Jessica Parker, the supposed “poster child for high heels,” is moving the stiletto heels aside in favor of kitten heels, she started to tell everyone how to wear them in the most fashionable way possible. Suede colored in bright pinks and neons have been lighting up the runways, and a couple pairs of Seychelles and Audrey Brooks pumps were on display to bear witness to these shoes’ vibrancy.

Today Show: T-Strap Sandals & Crashcourse by Nine West Review

In addition to more traditional pumps, the always-safe T-strap sandals also made a presence. All kinds of styles, from the breezy Crashcourse by Nine West to the Studded Strappy Sandals by Zara were on display.

The classic pointy toe  and stacked heel styles were brought into the limelight. H&M had some great Neon Patent Pumps for $15, while Chelsea Crew had their flashy Jazz Pumps. For those looking for a tapered heel, you might want to check out the Sam Edelmen Trina Sandals. For the foot-oriented free spirit, Blowfish had some Cha Cha Sandals.

Last but not least, for the mother looking for something sensible to slip on, the wedge. These can be worn with dresses, jeans, shorts…whatever. Needless to say, the hosts were converted by the end of the segment.


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