Today Show: How To Wear High Heels In Grass & Scuffed Shoe Remedies


Liliana Vasquez: How To Fix a Snagged Sweater

Liliana Vasquez, founder of, came by the Today Show to talk about fast fashion fixes. She said she’s “all about mending, not spending.” I think it’s worth noting that if you are a man and you were hoping to learn how to fix your fashion items fast, it’s unlikely this information will help you. Unless you happen to have a bobby pin and clear nail polish around.

That’s what Liliana Vasquez used to fix a snagged sweater. I think we’ve all got that one big comfy sweater in our closet. Sometimes the threads snag on something. Liliana Vasquez said that you shouldn’t cut it, because then it will unravel. It’ll be like that Weezer song “Sweater Song” where he says, “If you want to destroy my sweater, pull this thread as I walk away.” I never really understood that song, but this is exactly what will happen to your sweater, unless you’re careful.


Today Show: How To Wear High Heels In Grass & Scuffed Shoe Remedies

Liliana Vasquez came by Today to give advice on fashion fixes like repairing snagged sweaters, covering scuffed shoes and how to wear high heels in grass.

Liliana Vasquez used a bobby pin to hook the snag back from the outside of the sweater into the inside of it. Then, she tied the thread of the snag into a knot, tightly pressing it close to the sweater. But for extra protection, she used clear nail polish to cover the knot and the source of the snag. That way, it stayed put and no one will ever know that your favorite sweater has a snag in it.

Today Show: How To Wear High Heels In Grass

Sometimes there is an occasion in the summer when you’re wearing high heels and you want to or have to walk on grass. The heel sinks into the dirt and the grass and you feel like you’re getting shorter and shorter. Luckily, there’s a product for that. Liliana Vasquez recommended Solemates, a product that you use to pop onto your heel to help stabilize the shoe and make sure it doesn’t sink down. Liliana Vasquez recommended them for occasions like summer weddings.


Liliana Vasquez: Scuffed Shoe Remedy

But what happens if the front of your shoe gets scuffed? Liliana Vasquez said that you shouldn’t give them up just yet. She recommended using masking tape to mark off the scuffed area and fill it in with black permanent marker. This seems like it’s only a little bit more sophisticated then when teenagers draw on their shoes. But I guess if it works, it works.

Today Show: Use Double-Sided Tape To Hem Skirt

There are a lot of troubles here I didn’t know women dealt with. The high heel in grass thing was a fascinating problem and here’s another one: is your skirt too long? Well, don’t worry. Liliana Vasquez has advice on how to make it shorter, especially if you have to do it in a hurry. She recommended using double-sided adhesive tape to hem the skirt and pull it up as high as you want. After that, use an iron to seal the crease to make it more professional-looking.

Liliana Vasquez: How To Keep Up Strapless Dresses

Here’s another problem I never thought about, although I guess it’s probably pretty common. Do you hate it when you have to keep pulling up your strapless dress so you don’t pull a Janet Jackson and flash people? Well, double-sided adhesive tape to the rescue again! It turns out there’s a special double-sided adhesive tape intended for this purpose. They’re called Upsie Daisies by Braza and you stick them right to your skin underneath the armpit and press the dress into it. Then, your top will stay up all day long.


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