Today Show: How to Make Hospital Corners & Minneapolis Ice Castle


Today Show: Tips My Parents Taught Me – Hospital Bed Corners

The Today Show has a new segment called “Tips My Parents Taught Me” where they look back on some of the things their parents taught them when they were growing up and they share them all their viewers. The first host to go was Savannah Guthrie who brought her mother on the show to give everyone a demonstration on how to make hospital corners on your bed sheets.

Today Show: How to Make Hospital Corners & Minneapolis Ice Castle

The Today Show learned how to do hospital corners on their beds from Savannah Guthrie’s mother and they checked out an ice castle in Minneapolis.


Savannah Guthrie’s mother, Nancy Guthrie, said she taught her kids how to make the perfect bed because she wanted them to be responsible for their things but Savannah said she thought it was a pretty useless trick to know how to do when she was younger. She even admitted, in front of her mother, she never makes her bed anymore.

Do you agree learning how to make the perfect bed is a useless talent? Or is it something you will teach your kids? Let us know in the comments. Personally, I think it is kind of pointless, but I can see how people would like to figure out how to do hospital bed corners if they like being snug in bed at night.

As Al Roker said, “an organized bed is an organized mind.”


Today Show: How To Do Hospital Corners

Nancy Guthrie said the most important part of the hospital corners is making the top sheet as tight as possible on the bed. As you pull the sheet towards the corner, making it as taut as possible on the top of the bed, fold the corner of the sheet into a triangle and tuck it under the bed to secure it in place. Then pull the sheet tighter until there are no more creases on the bed.

Today Show: Ice Castle In Minneapolis Parking Lot

It might look like a new building is going up in the parking lot next to the Mall of America in Minneapolis and you would be right in thinking it is new and it is a building, but you probably wouldn’t guess it is an ice castle. The glacier-like caves, stalagmite-looking icicles and maze-like hallways make for one of the largest ice castles in America. Brent Christensen, an ice sculptor, has been out in the parking lot every day for the past two months, rain or snow, building the ice castle with nothing but water and his own homemade racks which actually “grow” the icicles he uses.

Christensen said he has used over 400 gallons of water to make the ice castle which is big enough to walk through. As people mosey through the castle they might notice the dark blue hue of the walls. Christensen said this deep blue color is due to the thickness of the ice. As the ice gets thicker, it absorbs more water and is able to absorb every color in the color spectrum except for blue, which shows on the outside of the ice walls.

At night, people can walk through the castle, lit up with different colored lights lodged into the walls, to the other side where there is a nice fire waiting to warm cold digits. As one Minnesotan put it, “it’s really magical. It’s a Minnesota winter.”


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